Chit chats

Yes, am feeling it.Off from work yesterday and today and am loving it more than i ever did.Waking up @ 8 to fix an ok breakfast to husband and running behind the littledevil  to brush and make her eat,read all those books which were not touched in recent past and cook relaxed or order husband to have lunch outside and cook only for baby and rest all the day.Oh boy,am loving it.If someone asks me today if i want to continue in the same fashion,i would nod my head without looking back.Life had been so mechanical and i realise it only today.But few days down the line,i may want to go back to original state,how strange the human mind is.

You working mothers out there pls tell me you get this feeling once in while at least.So that am not the odd (wo)man out here.

She too enjoys me being home and orders me “Amma velaikku pogave koodathu(You should never leave for office)”.Also i notice that i have become more of  an impatient mother, very tired to feed her when she tries spitting each spoon.I may not approvethose  she likes and she rejects what i choose as healthy stuff,the tug of war is on.Secretly am waiting for Ammamma to settle her food habits.

Delights of the day yesterday was, i found her english improved,slightly disciplined,and she is back to spicy food.Friends on FB page know her Tanglish conversations.I place dosa on her plate for breakfast and bring yoghurt and serve her and leave it there,she rushes to fridge and opens it and asks me “Come,bring the yoghurt,put in fridge” said the sentence in English.Am relieved,for when we go back to India,the doting grand parents can proudly claim that their grand-daughter could speak in english and for those neighbours who think that NRI kids can speak only english and  possibly avoid the secret  gossip “Veli naatula irundhum english pesa theiryala,namma moonaavadhu theru munuswamy paiyane nalla english pesaran”( Living abroad and still cant speak in english). And some relatives who will tell you “Enga chithi pon irukkle,avaloda kozhandi ellam porandadhil irundhe english than pesuvan,english kaarale aachariya padara alavu ippo pesaranna parthukkoyyen” and few more around who will pick their chance to quote some examples.

In the past few months she was even rejecting ‘rasam(tomato clear soup, a staple south indian dish) saadam’ as ‘kaaram(hot)’ and showed a behavior of developing sweet tooth,needless tosay  am worried.But yesterday when we sat down for breakfast,she started licking raw ‘idli molagai podi(powder made from lentils and cayenne)’ from my plate.A sign she is like her father.

When it comes to discipline she is yet to improve but i feel this is ok.She sees to that the plate she had food is goes to sink,replaces the juice carton back in place in fridge,places the book back in book-case,when we are back home removes shoes herself and places it in shoe rack.Height of discipline is to pick up the bowl even before i place the pan on cooking range.

Things which are killing me right now is the “I will do it all by myself attitude” and the questions phase.She tried to wear shoes by herself yesterday and have done that wrongly,though i insisted she change it,she wanted to continue the same way it was and came all the way with shoes wrongly worn.

Questions phase have improved from ‘W’ series to more logical and more reasoned and seasoned.I informed her we are going on a play date to My gym around 11.Questions started from then “Appa office poitaale,yaar nammala kootindu pova?” (Appa is in office,who will take us) i answer her “I will call driver”. When time was nearing ” Amma its time now,have you called driver?” ( I answer her yes i have called).from the next minute when she hears a vehicle noise she asked me “has driver come ?”.

Finally driver came and we were into car she asks me “Have you confirmed the play date ? have you checked if they will be open today?”

Sathiyama mudiyala!!!


Wheel of  life rolls on

A new year, surfaces on

With joy,hopes and fun

For the  365 days

otherwise the 52 weeks

let the positive vibe be part of us.

P.S : Had a wonderful time on Eve’s dinner party with friends.I was taken back to 2007 Eve’s nostalgia where it was a night out of 3 girls in Singapore.Roaming around in Orchard street in evening,watching the fireshow @ marina,coming back to our place @ 1 a.m spending the whole night until dawn in the apartment football ground randomly chatting,enjoing the purring cats and all that,and i just go “huh” about it since it will not come once again.

வாழ்க்கை எப்போதும் இன்பமாய் இருப்பதில்லை
இரும்பிலோர் இதயம் நமக்கு வாய்க்கவில்லை
இன்னல்கள் இல்லாத யாரும் இங்கில்லை
எதுவுமே என்றுமே நிரந்தரமில்லை
எல்லாமும் கடந்து போகும் என்ற நம்பிக்கையிலேயே
நாட்கள் நகரும் எல்லோரின் வாழ்க்கையிலே
கண்ணீர் சிந்தி என் கண்களே வற்றி போய் விடுமோ என்றொரு
கண்ணீரால் பலன் ஏதும் இல்லை என்பதே வேடிக்கையின்
ஆனாலும் என்னை நானே தேற்ற கண்ணீர் சிந்துவதே
கண்ணீரால் உரமேறிய மனதிற்கு இனி எதுவும்

In any business/relationship,if fidelity is lost,what will be your reaction ?

a) Discontinue the business /relationship

b) May be a chance can be given

c) Fight over the issue and believe things will be alright further

d) Never mind

Which you could have also felt/experienced.

1. It’s like, you forgot everything after you return back to college/work after a long holiday or even after a weekend.

2. On a very low day,everything negative happens only to you.

3. Eyeing on the neighbour’s plate or captured by the name of the dish you order something and it turns out to be a disaster.

4.Mix up salt and sugar or spices in any dish, when you are so preoccupied.

5. Thrown in vegetable skin on to veggie bowl and veggies into trash while multitasking in kitchen.

6. The best of your menu fails when an important guest comes.

7. Toddler/baby wakes up from sleep only on the same moment you start your computer/laptop.

8.Went on a tough competition for a dress in a store with fellow shopper.

9. On a very lazy day,you prepare lunch/dinner after sulking and the husband just calls you up to announce that he is eating out.

10. Outfit/shoes give you some trouble only after you set out for an important gathering.

11. You remark comment about someone and when you just turn,you see them behind you.

12.Inspired by a new recipe,hype about it to the husband,you wake up early to try that and you find that the main ingredient is not in your pantry stock.

Should this be done long back,but late neverthless.I have this one Masala dosai obsessed male in home,who runs out of choices in restaurants and times other than a blue moon,ticks Masala dosai.(My father even belongs to this category)

I guess there are a lot obsessed with masala dosai(Hi ramesh),but who don’t live in a Masala dosai  free country as mine.This one is a Special sunday edition for them.

When a golden shining Masala dosai,comes along with White,red,green chutneys and  Sambar with its special aroma,the appetite would get increased manifolds.Laying hands on this beautiful dish soon after it has arrived,never does a justice to its beauty,its preferrable that you keep a minute to enjoy the bulged center which houses masala and the golden crispy edge,never miss those sidedishes.

Am not with those who separate masala and eat the dosa alone or make masala as a side dish for this dosa.I know someone who orders masala dosa,but never wants masala,could it be bcoz of that tenderness the masala offers to dosa?

I would like one masala dosa which is not paper thin or utter thick as one utthapam,the thickness of the Masala dosa should be medium so that it can house the masala graciously and yet crispy.The masala should not be very thick or too mushy to enjoy it,a lighter consistency is appreciated though,considering it doesn’t make the generous dosa soggy,which had afterall given it a room.

Masala dosa can be eaten very much plain,still sambar makes a good company(pls remember Saravana Bhavan Sambar),though hotels these days offer too much of chutneys(Recollect what Murugan idly shop offers).

These days there are many variants to masala dosai from the plain potato as Cauliflower,Paneer,cheese etc., nothing can win over the original,Whaddaya say?(I still like Paneer)

Once it was that i longed for some Indian food that i paid 10 Pounds for one Masala dosai,which no way could match the original back home.

Due to laziness i prepare Masala dosa out of that Potato podimas remaining after lunch for dinner,i know am not doing justice to Masala dosa,but still i can give him one home made version.

Pls be kind enough to throw your views on Masala dosai Mahimai.

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