Is all about watching the bubbly kid growing and learning very positively,who is planting surprise kisses very often and loves you so much and expresses the same by cuddling you often and prefers to  snuggle very often.

Am must say am happy to watch her grow up as a lovely kid,she is weak,she doesn’t hit back others,she even wants to share things with kids who doesn’t want to share a thing with her.It was good see her crying to her appa and tell him that “Is it not good to share ? sharing is good right”.This was when she had a teeny chocolate and there were 6 kids in my home,and appa said not to take chocolate out and create mess,but she wanted to share it to all of them.

But as an adult it is possible for  me to teach her that she should not share things with kids who don’t share a thing with her,since i feel she will be exploited if she grows like this,but  i  also feel, i should not corrupt her,and as usual i have not made a decision and let it go by the flow.