It was a cold december night in chennai,as an expectant mom i was suffering from insomnia and stretching out in bed,busy talking to my better half(herefurther will be addressed as dear darling(DD)),and all of a sudden he tells this…

DD: Hey u know something?? I have created a blog dear!!!

Me:??????? Oh is it?? So when did u do that and Why?? (Hmm i know this man who is bothered even to text someone and calls them instead)

DD: Just like that,today i have got one and as everyone in the earth is blogging ,me too destined towards that

Me:So when are going to update that? Do send me link,i would read as soon as possible and comment on it

DD:Ha ha hah..Dont be joking,i thought you would update it and thats the sole reeason i had created it…

Me:(Should he not have asked me, before in hand?) Well i will try my best dear(Almost fainted upon saying this)

This conversation dates back almost an year and people who know me very well know how lazy am,and soon my daughter would turn 1,so i should start blogging before she learns to read, all the more it is DD’s desire afterall(Should i not fulfill it as a dharma pathni)….

Hence i unfold my blog to all of you…

Wish you happy reading!!!


Ambuli’s Mom


15 Responses to “About”

  1. DD Says:



    being first comment ALL THE BEST…………….

    continue your journey of blogging………………………………………………………………………………………

  2. Sudheer Says:


    Very nice blog. Lots of useful informations (KARTHIGAI)

    Keep on rocking……………


  3. Viswanathan Says:


    Really great and wonderful to see interesting topics been written by you.

    Keep writing . You are really great writing as well as taking care of your cute little kiddo.

    Carry on with this precious talent.


  4. ambulisamma Says:

    Thank you all for the positive comments.

  5. lavanya Says:


    just started reading your blogs..hmm quite interesting..keep writing……..:)

  6. Swaram Says:

    Ha ha thatz a nice one dharma patni ji 😉

  7. DD Says:



    1. ambulisamma Says:

      Hey you,how come here?
      Thanks much dear.

      1. Shruti Says:

        How sweet 🙂
        U r lucky ambulisamma. Ur DD got u a blog n comments too! Mine won’t even give it a worthy glance. Keep him close 🙂

      2. ambulisamma Says:

        Hey is definitely wonderful,initially he worked with me on templates and settings too.He gave initial comment and later he made a policy not to comment,and again now for this 100th post.
        But sometime if i meet your husband will definitely tell him,how wonderful your blog is,how many ppl you are motivating and how charming it is,he should definitely feel its worth.

  8. Hi, nice to meet you !

  9. Sites you may like…

    I saw this really great post today….

  10. ed dilworth Says:

    I work for a Research Company that is forming an International Research Panel for Moms. We’re looking for two Moms from India who are active in social media and we came across your blog. If you’re interested in participating just send me a note and we can provide all the details.

    Insight Research Lab

  11. Gauri Says:

    Hi Its a wonderful blog. I am looking for Moms who blog and can tell stories for a parenting app. Would you be interested? Look forward to hear from you.


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