June 2011

No TV time girl says thatha ” Thatha,pls switch off the TV,amma will not like it”,saying this, walks straight and switches off TV,leaving behind astonished Thatha who was interestedly watching ‘Thenkinnam”


Waking up late,eating the food that comes served in a plate,bargaining with autowaalas,getting the glimpse of a busy Chennai morning in a long journey,usual sedentary life and a packed lunch box and the day ends with a long,tiring journey amidst traffic chaos happened after negotiating with half a dozen autowaalas.

Here on an official trip and it sucks,yes leaving home in Morning 9 and back only by 8 after struggling endless traffic,needless to say i miss her too much.She too misses me and asks for me few times,since i have never left her with someone this long before,max it was 8 hrs.

Could not work out much of my personal plans,waiting for the weekend,i really wonder how hard it is for a working mom in India to strike a balance between work and family,truly it is demanding.

Trying to pay a visit to Tnagar,Parrys corner,Hippocampus,Full circle,Nanganallur aanchi,Zha coffee shop,land mark and  beach,not sure how much of this will work.Had been to tnagar already once,there was a shower in the city day before yesterday and otherwise life is as usual,hopefully  back to Bahrain in other few days.