Here on an official trip and it sucks,yes leaving home in Morning 9 and back only by 8 after struggling endless traffic,needless to say i miss her too much.She too misses me and asks for me few times,since i have never left her with someone this long before,max it was 8 hrs.

Could not work out much of my personal plans,waiting for the weekend,i really wonder how hard it is for a working mom in India to strike a balance between work and family,truly it is demanding.

Trying to pay a visit to Tnagar,Parrys corner,Hippocampus,Full circle,Nanganallur aanchi,Zha coffee shop,land mark and  beach,not sure how much of this will work.Had been to tnagar already once,there was a shower in the city day before yesterday and otherwise life is as usual,hopefully  back to Bahrain in other few days.