Was planning to do a post and this popular blogger posted the same thing.What did i read in 2011,nothing great or inspiring,most are light reads and time pass few chetan bhagat’s,sujatha’s and 2 mills and boon(oh,don’t give that look,got it from her school’s jumble sale).Only one interesting read is ‘ The lost world'(Sequel of Jurassic park),it did introduced a love of paleontology.

I must say am more into reading/following kids literature/publications.We read so much this year, two trips to india means i lunge books as much as i can.The only negative thing about this place is, it lacks library,absolutely not one,after long time search i did managed to find only one in the kingdom,which is closed most of the time due to local kids causing trouble and they don’t lend.But the library was quiet state of art with a glass roof reading room and a wide range of books,i so wanted to take away most Enid Blyton’s work lying(dusting) there for myself.So the result is,i literally has to buy each and every book,but as the husband asks, how much can i pile here,tomorrow if we decide to come back for good,what will i do? still i buy at least most preferred books,typically i order the whole set in my mind,review and rework based on budget.move some into wish list and currently my wish list in flipkart contains 50+items and the one in my mind has at least 20+. I hope and wish that her school(big school coming in April) library is equipped and they lend to us.

This year we had a blast in reading,she is old enough to understand many things and here is what we read,

1. We all went on a safari (Tops  her list of fav reads)

2. My granny went to the market (Tops  her list of fav reads)

3.Penguins can’t fly

4.Krishna lifts Govardhana

5.Flotsam ( I must we are blown away by that book,quiet above her age group but still i explained to her,yes a complete book,No wonder it is a caldecott medal winner)

6.No more Monsters for me

7.Dinosaur time

8.A research guide to dinosaur by Magic tree house publishing

9.Monkey puzzle

10.The smartest giant in town

11.Room on the broom

12.Mama do you love me

13.Babies on the go

14.Green eggs and Hams

15.One fish,two fish

16.Marvin.k.mooney, will you please go now?

17.Katie and the Monalisa (very very lovely book)

18.Looking closely in the rainforest (we both loved this book and she  found 4 items correctly,she was close to most,worth the money spent)

19.The mixed up chameleon (A lovely introduction of animals to kids)

20.The cat in the hat. (Funny phrases and hilarious,a Seuss style)

21.Hidden hippo (This book was fun for our hippo fan)

22.Lai-lai the baby elephant (Wonderful book with wonderful photos,classic book @ affordable price,needless to say she loved it)

23.I am aan (Very informative book on elephants)

24.The veena player ( I found no.17 and this had the base in common)

25.The lizard’s tail.

26.No david.

27.Sleepy dog.

28.Mickey mouse adventures.

29. Free mountain

30.Over in the jungle ( Fab book,especially illustrations)

31.Eyes on the peacock’s tail.

32.Little teddy cannot sleep alone

33.Whats your name

34.A chair for my mother (Some touchy book in the recent past)

35.I had trouble in getting to Sollasollew

And the list continues,am stopping here not to bore further.We did read few tamil titles from Tulika and Karadi tales,she loved ‘Brahmavin pattampuchi’ the most.I have some interesting titles to open and read including kangaroos have joeys,almost gone,barefoot hussain,Harold and the purple crayon.The reason still i have unopened books are we read and read and read over the same thing,we both(DD n me) would have read no.1 and 2 almost 50 times each.She is on no.32 right now and DD is reading to her daily for lunch the same book.

Do share what you read this year and what you aim to read in coming year.Happy reading to all out there in coming 2012.