October 2010

in Bahrain,very much alive.Day after tomorrow the day dawns in Singara chennai for us.Yes,on a month vacation to India which is much awaited.

Am wondering how much she will be pampered and how hard the days back here will be,especially the babysitter episode,will break my heart too much after this break of a month.

A long list of to do is growing up,not sure if all those will be met.So do suggest if you have any ideas.This time planning to visit Tumble tots and vanilla place for sure.Landmark,Full circle and Tulika is also on the list.

Would love to meet some bloggers at least this time.

See you all from chennai.


Done with that for Ambuli.Out of all odds,it happened.Its beginning of week and the navarathri hangover still persists.

Woke up @ 6,prepared breakfast n lunch,Woke her up @ 6:30 in morning,did the vijaya dasami pooja,made her write the mantras in rice.Oops she felt terrible when DD took her hand to write and started crying heavily,but sooner she settled,but with great trouble only we finished all the mantras.

Then headed to temple @7:10,and  struck in a heavy traffic and we were late by 10 mins.Midway DD remembered he had not taken his wallet,no chance that we go back and get it,so troubled a friend to get money for us(shameless we).

In temple she cooperated very well,when the priest was to write on her tongue,she started biting the ring and never allowed him to do that.But without any fuss,she wrote the mantram.

So at last successfully she is done with vidhyarambam both in home n temple,so anytime i can pack her school bag and wave bye bye.(The original idea is to start playschool @ 2.5 yrs).

Wishing her a wonderful journey of education ahead,god bless you.

I can vouch for 8 months older understanding the concept of object permanence,but still not sure about ambuli’s object or route permanence.She remembers those water fountains on all the routes we travel,regular,occasional everything.

She remembers the route or the water fountain on the route?am  not sure.Few feets before water fountain she announces it and looks out for the same.But unfortunately most of the fountains are closed these days.So she ends up telling it is closed.

I was  wondering if it is the route or the  objects on it  she rememebers or is it my imagination, but she proved wrong as its not imagination by announcing it always,but still am feeling cynical.

Outside india seems to be very tough.India where veg option is plenty and you really need not be paranoid to check food labels,make clear veg means no chicken,egg and fish and all the petite  details.

Have had quiet a few instances where i was about to commit the mistake of going on the other side.The trigger to this post is a recent business lunch where i had to munch on a tomato,avocado sandwich with colleagues n client loving the company of meat,am absolutely fine with sharing the table,but felt very hard to find a vegetarian choice.So finally decided on a sandwich of tomato,avocado without cheese.No am not vegan,but cheese option was mozzarella and mozzarella cheese cannot be prepared without a animal rennet,which is taken from a calf’s body.Cheese is not always vegetarian,few like cheddar can be prepared with non animal rennet,but mozzarella and parmesan can never be prepared with non animal rennet.

Most of the time i get a quizzical expression when i say,no chicken,egg,fish and cheese,and am a vegetarian,now am used to it.Whenin UK i survived only with cereals and fruit,was not dared to try anything else.It was hard for me to enter the breakfast room which is filled with the smell of omelette and smoked salmon.

Whereas i felt a breeze in dining out and getting a veggie food in Singapore.But there too ,once bought a snack of peanut mixture and sent it across home,the family enjoyed and the relatives too,demanding for that mixture next time.Next time when i read the food label it was shocking to know that it contained Shrimp powder,then it was a question as to reveal it to the family or not? Even some potato chips has Shrimp powder in it,so then it was like reading a food label without fail for me.

Having gone through all these i made a wise decision of packing loads of ‘Dabba noodles’ for Thailand trip.Alas,it was too hard a time there,even the business district is filled with our ‘Platform food vendor’ type stalls,which openly sells all type of sea food and no option but to sail through the smell of all of them. Also a business lunch where rest of the table tears squid,beef and chicken and am pushing myself with a greek salad.Again vegetarian option was very less and was not palatable.

Compared to Thailand,Hongkong was okie,considering a proper and full Indian dining is available,the hitch is that it is not wallet friendly.Bahrain is beautiful and vegetarian friendly so far,with lots of Indian restaurants and almost all Indian products available here.But still India tops as a better choice for vegetarian dining,throw in your experiences as well.

Break,am writing a post finally,relaxing on a weekend afternoon.Last week too i did started writing something and had to save in draft.It has been a demanding week at the  work front and it strikes me with working mom guilt,hope the coming week is blessed and i will spend time with the little girl.Thursday was so busy that i did not even saw her until late in evening and had to trouble a neighbour to take care of her.

She completely dislikes to be left with the baby sitter,her morning mantra,sorry 24/7 mantra is ‘Ja nenam’,Ja being the name of the baby sitter,and nenam is ‘vendam'(don’t want).Even if we dress up to go out somewhere she gets scary and cries as we would leave her and go to office.Morning patch up, as we are going to park doesn’t work as she clearly states we are going to ‘aaphi’ and she doesn’t want to be fooled.

Those afternoons when i drop her or DD does,she cries and that simply breaks heart.When ever we go to collect her,she takes up her bag without fail and comes running to me.She never want to miss the bag,she reminds me always.

Am sure she is terribly missing me and me  too missing  her.Yet am hanging on to the status of working women.

Managing work and home without external help looks terrible,but with a husband who picks up the baby,feeds her,do the dishes and vacuüm cleans when you are busy @ work,it feels a bit smooth indeed.

All setup for Navarathri with 3 steps of golu bommais and a park and a christmas train (does it sound weird?).Planning to deck up the girl for this occassion.will post pictures and a nostalgia post on this festival soon.

P.S: No blogging and blog hopping these days,will catch up soon.