Done with that for Ambuli.Out of all odds,it happened.Its beginning of week and the navarathri hangover still persists.

Woke up @ 6,prepared breakfast n lunch,Woke her up @ 6:30 in morning,did the vijaya dasami pooja,made her write the mantras in rice.Oops she felt terrible when DD took her hand to write and started crying heavily,but sooner she settled,but with great trouble only we finished all the mantras.

Then headed to temple @7:10,and  struck in a heavy traffic and we were late by 10 mins.Midway DD remembered he had not taken his wallet,no chance that we go back and get it,so troubled a friend to get money for us(shameless we).

In temple she cooperated very well,when the priest was to write on her tongue,she started biting the ring and never allowed him to do that.But without any fuss,she wrote the mantram.

So at last successfully she is done with vidhyarambam both in home n temple,so anytime i can pack her school bag and wave bye bye.(The original idea is to start playschool @ 2.5 yrs).

Wishing her a wonderful journey of education ahead,god bless you.