LKG admission.Not a very challenging stuff as it is in India today, still i was a bit worried.

Personally i would want her to go to Montessori or any other non conventional educational system only.Given the limited option,this school seems to be promising,many of colleagues kids are into that school and they promise the very personal care teacher offers and the Olympiads they organise to replace threatening written tests.So i wish this school would e non threatening for her to learn and grow with.

And coming to the interview stuff,she had fever when we went to school,she felt sleepy and started her afternoon nap while waiting for interview,and i enjoyed the warli art on the sides of their staircase..By the time they called her she was half asleep,we went in with her for interview and was asked to leave.But madam did not answer anything to their queries,they i went up to her and asked her to answer,she did not answer until the staff member uttered the magical word,guess what ‘Chocolate’,after hearing that she opened her mouth voluntarily to say ‘My name is ……’ ,answer for the question which they have asking for the past 10 mins.

One who knows from egg to Butterfly cycle,refused to answer what it is when showed a butterfly,it takes a chocolate to bring out the answer.They gave coloring page to assess fine motor skill,definitely i would have loved to have something else instead of that.Well,it could be a general choice.And that’s it we are over,few general questions to assess language skills and few pictures for cognitive assessment and a coloring stuff for fine motor skills,she scored 45/55.And we paid the said amount,khalas. Admission saga is over.

And am deeply concerned about this one behavior of her observing others than to mind one’s own business(literally ‘parakku paarthal’),this deviates her attention and lacks completion in her own task,and in between everything she drifts into her own world,i must do something about it,but not sure what should be done.


Yes, am feeling it.Off from work yesterday and today and am loving it more than i ever did.Waking up @ 8 to fix an ok breakfast to husband and running behind the littledevil  to brush and make her eat,read all those books which were not touched in recent past and cook relaxed or order husband to have lunch outside and cook only for baby and rest all the day.Oh boy,am loving it.If someone asks me today if i want to continue in the same fashion,i would nod my head without looking back.Life had been so mechanical and i realise it only today.But few days down the line,i may want to go back to original state,how strange the human mind is.

You working mothers out there pls tell me you get this feeling once in while at least.So that am not the odd (wo)man out here.

She too enjoys me being home and orders me “Amma velaikku pogave koodathu(You should never leave for office)”.Also i notice that i have become more of  an impatient mother, very tired to feed her when she tries spitting each spoon.I may not approvethose  she likes and she rejects what i choose as healthy stuff,the tug of war is on.Secretly am waiting for Ammamma to settle her food habits.

Delights of the day yesterday was, i found her english improved,slightly disciplined,and she is back to spicy food.Friends on FB page know her Tanglish conversations.I place dosa on her plate for breakfast and bring yoghurt and serve her and leave it there,she rushes to fridge and opens it and asks me “Come,bring the yoghurt,put in fridge” said the sentence in English.Am relieved,for when we go back to India,the doting grand parents can proudly claim that their grand-daughter could speak in english and for those neighbours who think that NRI kids can speak only english and  possibly avoid the secret  gossip “Veli naatula irundhum english pesa theiryala,namma moonaavadhu theru munuswamy paiyane nalla english pesaran”( Living abroad and still cant speak in english). And some relatives who will tell you “Enga chithi pon irukkle,avaloda kozhandi ellam porandadhil irundhe english than pesuvan,english kaarale aachariya padara alavu ippo pesaranna parthukkoyyen” and few more around who will pick their chance to quote some examples.

In the past few months she was even rejecting ‘rasam(tomato clear soup, a staple south indian dish) saadam’ as ‘kaaram(hot)’ and showed a behavior of developing sweet tooth,needless tosay  am worried.But yesterday when we sat down for breakfast,she started licking raw ‘idli molagai podi(powder made from lentils and cayenne)’ from my plate.A sign she is like her father.

When it comes to discipline she is yet to improve but i feel this is ok.She sees to that the plate she had food is goes to sink,replaces the juice carton back in place in fridge,places the book back in book-case,when we are back home removes shoes herself and places it in shoe rack.Height of discipline is to pick up the bowl even before i place the pan on cooking range.

Things which are killing me right now is the “I will do it all by myself attitude” and the questions phase.She tried to wear shoes by herself yesterday and have done that wrongly,though i insisted she change it,she wanted to continue the same way it was and came all the way with shoes wrongly worn.

Questions phase have improved from ‘W’ series to more logical and more reasoned and seasoned.I informed her we are going on a play date to My gym around 11.Questions started from then “Appa office poitaale,yaar nammala kootindu pova?” (Appa is in office,who will take us) i answer her “I will call driver”. When time was nearing ” Amma its time now,have you called driver?” ( I answer her yes i have called).from the next minute when she hears a vehicle noise she asked me “has driver come ?”.

Finally driver came and we were into car she asks me “Have you confirmed the play date ? have you checked if they will be open today?”

Sathiyama mudiyala!!!

Done with that for Ambuli.Out of all odds,it happened.Its beginning of week and the navarathri hangover still persists.

Woke up @ 6,prepared breakfast n lunch,Woke her up @ 6:30 in morning,did the vijaya dasami pooja,made her write the mantras in rice.Oops she felt terrible when DD took her hand to write and started crying heavily,but sooner she settled,but with great trouble only we finished all the mantras.

Then headed to temple @7:10,and  struck in a heavy traffic and we were late by 10 mins.Midway DD remembered he had not taken his wallet,no chance that we go back and get it,so troubled a friend to get money for us(shameless we).

In temple she cooperated very well,when the priest was to write on her tongue,she started biting the ring and never allowed him to do that.But without any fuss,she wrote the mantram.

So at last successfully she is done with vidhyarambam both in home n temple,so anytime i can pack her school bag and wave bye bye.(The original idea is to start playschool @ 2.5 yrs).

Wishing her a wonderful journey of education ahead,god bless you.

An award and that too for me,from the sweetest buddy on this blogosphere,guess? its swaru who was kind enough to send me this.Six months into blogging and i have gained quiet a few friends,am sure there are lot to explore and enchant,hope to grow lot of buddies soon.

It’s exciting since its first time,and a happiness is always tagged with those first time ones,so it is for me.Here is the Blogger Buddy award which she had sent me

And I would like to pass this on to

Ani: My first ever blogger friend,she was the first one to visit me and leave a comment,and surprised for sharing the same theme and header pic too.I always wonder how she manages work,home and a naughty lil one.

Ramesh: Bumped upon his blog from GILS,and i was quiet amused by the topics he chose to write,he can put down anything interesting right from election manifestos to email addiction.A buddy who is very fond of VPA.

And last one is nothing but swaru,yes she has the charming personality and a lovely gal,and i can bet that no one in this earth can go cross with this lady.She has a big bag of buddies,and truckloads of comments for her posts but yet bothered to reply to each comment personally,if i could give her another award it would be ‘Honest and Dedicated scrap’.

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