Kid S is in our home playing,ambuli tells S,’hey don’t go if your mom comes and calls you,we have to play’.

On new year eve,Kid S has come home with pretty dress and tells me ‘Aunty,dress ambuli also like me new and pretty dress,only then it will be suitable for us to dance,pls go change’.

I was munching on something and i did not want to share it with her,and she asks “periyavaala irundhundu kozhandhel.kku share panna maatengaraye’. (being an adult,why aren’t you sharing with small kids ?)

The husband  tells her.”See,how baby S,D and A are going to school without fuss”,you should also go to school like that,and in a jiffy she replies ‘Avaala madhiri ellam naan school.kku poga maatten’.(I will not go to school like them).

There is a noise in kitchen and i yelp,she comes immediately and tells me “Unakku enna adi pattu irukkunnu pakkaradhukku odi vandhen’.

By mistake husand drops something and she asks “Enna appa odaichuttaya(have you broken that) ?”,the husband sighs,as how much of amma she is reflecting.

Just to prepare for interview i asked her.”What is your father’s name?” she replies with ‘Appa’,”What is your mother’s name?” she replies with ‘Amma’.Technically she is right.