State of my mind right now,a holiday tomorrow with a planned program already,evening drive with windows open and breezing wind right on your face,amma in home who takes away all responsibility from you,truly a blissful state of mind,except that the fact the better half is not around.

Professional life had been very pressing in recent past and was suffocating,it was very hard to manage all the ends,in which you get a comment “We will stop having Idli,only after idli gets bored of being our Breakfast”.Prioritizing happens but still life expects too much from a working women,i do have a domestic help,DD does his part,still i was not able to manage.Most of the time i get irritated from what my maid  does, than a sense of relief.

So to have a break from the tiring routine and to spend quality time,i have started reading books to kids nearby on weekends,its heartening to see the kids enjoy books and ask for more.I did one on her birthday and felt the kids loved it,so doing it whenever time permits,i also get kids at random time ringing the bell, to find out if i will be able to read few stories for them,i must say i feel happy to find them enjoying books.