September 2010

Last week we took her to her first circus and probably second for both me and DD.My first circus was at the ripe age of 15,and for DD it was earlier still he is not sure of age.I have  many times seen circus tents of Gemini and russian while boarding suburban MRTS from Central station,tempted to go,but never made it.Last thursday we heard about this and quickly made a visit and it was not too disappointing.

Total for 1.5 hrs and we throughly enjoyed it,in spite of lack of animals.We had only 4 lions and 1 tiger and 1 snake.

But there were lot of human performances,which were simply amazing.Probably they can take credit for keeping fussy babies n toddlers in one place for almost 2 hrs.Ambuli was feeling great about all individual performances,when a performance was over,she started crying “Akka” and “Anna’ wanting them to come back.

They had a filler clown which she enjoyed too much.Almost for 2 hrs she was not fussing much,we both felt it as a great achievement.We have done a cartoonified caricature of her from the clown.In a super hot country like this,it is not very wise to expect some animals,really no logic behind it.Last year when we had been to a wild life reserve here,there were two giraffes,the guide informed us it was originally 5 giraffes from South africa, and unable to survive this climate,3 had lost life.

For guys in bahrain,if you plan to visit this International circus,it is located in Mahooz,on the road opposite to Aljazira supermarket,in the empty ground near Kingdom university building,with lot of parking space.Show timings 6 to 8 and 8 to 10(We went for 8 to 10 and it was perfect for all of us).Tickets from 3 BD(Gallery benches),5 BD(chairs),10 BD(very close and cushion chairs).We went for 5 Bd and it was just fine.

வாழ்க்கை எப்போதும் இன்பமாய் இருப்பதில்லை
இரும்பிலோர் இதயம் நமக்கு வாய்க்கவில்லை
இன்னல்கள் இல்லாத யாரும் இங்கில்லை
எதுவுமே என்றுமே நிரந்தரமில்லை
எல்லாமும் கடந்து போகும் என்ற நம்பிக்கையிலேயே
நாட்கள் நகரும் எல்லோரின் வாழ்க்கையிலே
கண்ணீர் சிந்தி என் கண்களே வற்றி போய் விடுமோ என்றொரு
கண்ணீரால் பலன் ஏதும் இல்லை என்பதே வேடிக்கையின்
ஆனாலும் என்னை நானே தேற்ற கண்ணீர் சிந்துவதே
கண்ணீரால் உரமேறிய மனதிற்கு இனி எதுவும்

Kutty krishni


Indoor theme park

Play date

Window shopping

Play date

Ambuli is turning very very naughty these days but i should also admit its so sweet to see her that way as there is no potential peril attached to it.

She loves to announce whatever we do,say if i throw away the ball,she immediately tells “Amma,baa thobba”(Amma throws ball with a sound “thobbar”).And when it comes to imitating,she does it more gleefully,and she chooses to do it when we cough,sneeze,burp,she announces “appa,evvv”.

And when we utter “ammadi”,”appadi” out of tiredness, no sooner she articulates the same.A typical scenario would be if DD places him in the couch after a tiring day and says “appadi”,she too does the same.Also whenever she carries something heavily and after placing it down,she tells the same.

Being with ammamma had increased the vocabulary and also the bits n pieces story telling has got many new stories now.when ever we do something strange she exclaims it with ‘ohh’,that one bit is very lovely.

All this leaves her as one ‘kusumbu’ girl as being fondly addressed by appa.

Have anyone of you tried doing aarathi with one of the stacking ring and a ball?

Here in this household,ammaamma had taught the lil one to do so.Take up a stacking ring and place the ball on it and try rotating it up n down,may be god is more delighted to get one like this.

From this practise,she did very fine on the day of Sri jayanthi,did the real aarathi gracefully.

Ever since we decided on amma’s trip,i persuaded my mom to buy costumes for Krishna to dress her up on Srijayanthi.

She did got dressed up  like krishna with lot of muthu malaas(pearl chains),ottiyanam(jewel around stomach),muthu valayal(pearl bangles) and the costume which was bought for her.Amma tried so much to fix the peacock feathers,but no luck,she hates to do any hair do.

Luckily we could take some snaps with the help of some guests who had dropped in.Amma made most of the bakshanams(sweets n savouries).And i presented a strange dinner menu with Jeera herb bread as starter,Adai-aviyal main course, mango cup cake with mango whipped cream frosting for dessert.

In the multitasking bread got burnt at one edge,main course was fine.For mango cup cake i tried from shankari’s link,since it was vegan,the cake was bit dense,but tasted good with frosting.And for the pics,some problem in downloading,will try my best and will upload later.

House wears the blanket of silence.Ammamma and ambuli are in the cot,the elder in the process of making the little one sleep.

Appa inserts the key on the door hole and hears ‘amma,appa’ name calling by the lil one.Appa enters the house tailgated by amma.Sharp eared ambuli rushes from the cot climbs down quickly,uttering ‘amma,appa’,just to welcome us,quick here means her foot would not even touch the ground properly.While poor ammamma wonders what is happening and why is she rushing so fast.

She climbs upon anyone of us,and her joy is unbound.Am short of words to explain her reaction and joy.

Am just feeling out of this world when i receive hugs and kisses after returning from work,the love of lil one is priceless,flawless,seamless.That one moment when i see her rushing towards us,i feel all the pain right from pregnancy would never match for her love,oh here am really really short of words,my feeling goes unexplained,am feeling a heaven here.