July 2010

If you wonder what is with this title,then its the language of a one day maid, i have hired.Last week was so tiring that i had to get someone clean the house,including bathrooms.I knew my neighbour has one maid, so I wanted her to work for me,maid is from Bangladesh and speaks  Bangla and a little hindi.Neighbour served as a middle women and sorted out payment details and time for me.

When i don’t follow hindi too much and can speak only ‘Thoda thoda’ and never knew a word in Bangla,i dare and hired.(Pagala vara pasu maade theriyadhu,rathirila vara erumai madu epdi theriyum?(When you can’t sight a cow in Daylight,how will you spot a Buffalo in dark?))

She told me that ,she can ” understand madaame english”,but still i wasn’t sure if  i should  promise ” I can understand Bangla”.So that fine day came and she visited me, first instruction is to “Floor clean karo,bathroom next”,she nodded her head and asked me if i could give her “burush”.I can’t even justify which language was it,i replied her with a ‘Bah’ expression in face,she then did the action “Sweeping”,now i got what she wanted,handed her the broom.She gave me back,”Chee,indha amma.kku english kooda theiyalaye,naama epdi samalikka porom”(Oops,cant even understand english?) kinda look.

Silence took over until she finished sweeping,then she wanted “penne”,now am bowled over.Han,what will i do when i cant even understand one word of her? A funny scene,took over i tried to ask her in various forms as what she needs,like a baby which is at the onset of talking,i struggled with few words trying to come out,some silence and a little action(verum kaathu dhan varuthu(only air is coming out of mouth)).
Its funny while typing this,but it wasn’t while conversing,that too with a kid crying, fearing her look.Atlast it was Dustpan she wanted,which was right next to dustbin,but she had not noticed it.

Now over to mopping floor,i showed the mopping bucket and mop and gave her clorox,this time she wanted “Siraf”,but having understood her Engbang talk,i gave her soap powder.

Rest of the minutes went with fewer actions and me nodding head for whatever she speaks in Bangla.( Evalo neram dhan purincha madhiriye nadikkaradhu,kashtam da saame,(How long can one act as if she follows the other person)

I felt relieved when she left taking only 1 BD(Equals 120+ INR) for the work done.I can live with burush,penne,siraf and understand madaame,only bcoz am getting a cheap labour like this,pls dont judge me.

Trivia: Never hire a maid to whom you can’t even talk  basics let alone gossips.


Today can be called so,though the first half was not very great.The evening was wonderful.

We both had been to a playdate @  My Gym,with around 25+ kids buzzing around and making all fun.We have been to My gym before and i know how much she enjoys it,so did not want to miss this chance.

Mums in bahrain is a group which organised this,i have never made it to other play dates earlier.But this time i definitely wanted to go and it was great.

Pure fun for 2 hrs in a conducive environment,jumping,climbing,ball pool,maze,bubble catching and a puppet show.We both enjoyed it thoroughly,i should say it was totally refreshing.She loved trampoline and Ball pool than anything else.

And to add to this  a previous post has been selected by blogadda for Tangy Tuesday picks.
 Thank you so much Blogadda for considering mine.

Recently Ambuli exhibits some amazing traits of discipline,needless to say how pleased am.The some list is here

1.Amma throws away empty Broccoli bag on floor,Ambuli picks and opens the door below sink where dustbin is housed,places it in Dustbin,then closes the door.(As before she is not picking anything from dustbin these days.)
In fact any debris are being taken to dustbin by her,sometimes when diaper is full,she religiously removes and places it in dustbin.

2.Appa returns from office,places his snack bag on floor,to remove shoes,she picks up the bag,throws box in sink,hangs the bag in dining chair.

3.When furious she had thrown away all those soft toys on couch, onto the coffee table,a little later,she picks up them and places them on couch.(This one being done without any instruction from my end)

4.Appa asks her to bring an underpant,she opens both the door of wardrobe,picks a bunch of it,chooses one from them,and closes one door from where she picked clothes.Now selection is over,she brings that to appa and leaves to place all those on floor into wardrobe,she puts them in a rack which door is open,then she feels that wasnt the right place,so picks them all,open the other door place it at the same place where it has been picked,close both the doors,comes back to wear her pants.

5.She dislikes any rug being bent or not laid properly,most of the times she corrects it by herself,in spite of me yelling at her not to touch bathroom mats.Other days she was on pot and the mat was bent,she called me and pointed towards it,she was okay only after i had placed it right.

6.Amma removes a wet cloth of her and instructs her to put it in Laundry bag,on the way she saw another wet one which was left by lazy amma,she picks up that too and puts it in laundry bag.

7.After  finishing a bowl of grapes,picks up tissue from near by tissue box and cleans it.(Before the tissues would become flyers for her).

These are something which is done by herself,upon request she is a sweet little helper.Since i would want to only appreciate in this post,am not mentioning those offsets against this disciplined behavior

There were 3 girls in that middle class family in a small town TN.It perfectly fit into all those illustrations of a small town,fewer schools,an ugly bus stand and  a teeny railway station with  handful passenger trains arriving and leaving within a minute thus leaving space for public to have some amusement,and one maariamman temple with its fabulous car festival.

Since the entertainment gateways are countable,summer is fun with the car festival.These three girls will  wait for that, mainly bcoz, it brings in these stuff, few giant wheels,a fun train,some slower rides,biking in well,morphed mermaid,delhi appalam,molagai bajji(chilli bajji) etc,etc.,

Right from january the days would be passed on  saving money and dreaming about car festival and its accompaniments.Their joy is unbound as the festival reaches,in fact a week or ten days before car festival,the rides drop in,with increasing number daily.These girls would sort money again and again,count and recount,do a field trip,inquire prices,come back home while mentally sorting money to match with those rides on the way,again count and sort out those rides affordable.Elder one known for her paranoia,will have some money left for little ones as she never takes anything other than fun train and slower ones,to put it precisely she loved to visit funny mirror,enjoy appalam and nbajji than anything else.

Financial planning goes on daily,with a request to appa,amma and aunty for a ride on their cost and also counting on the money what they would get on the day of festival.

Everyday they would wish to enjoy all rides but they would limit themselves based on their status of savings.Sometimes the prices have doubled from the earlier year,which has turned us down,still getting onto one or two would be real fun.And all the more discussing it with friends as who has done what makes it more and more interesting,sheer fun and enjoyment of unadulterated childhood.(My words don’t do justice to it at all).A fun train ride with a Delhi appalam or molagai bajji without any worry of e-coli is definitely fun.One year when you could do all,its like you have won oscar,you are the hero/heroine among your gang.

Elder one was the first to hit the Big city and the family slowly shifted.Few times it was fun going to MGM,VGP and kishkintha’s,but sooner it was boring.

Nothing could match the fun what they had in once a year rides,may be the rides are not exhaustive,aesthetic still that was cherished,and memories are more tangible than these amusement parks.

Oh boy,how i wish to go back to those days of real real happy moments.

P.S: Last weekend we had been to an indoor amusement which had even a roller coaster and that is the trigger for this post.Though we got her on few rides,i really felt she may not enjoy things as we did,if we frequent to that place.May be once she grows,i would probably tell her,she can go there only with her savings.(Not sure if this is right,but still i feel to do this)

Yesterday the widgets were fewer,today i have a new one on top.Why?

I saw my work somewhere else in web, i don’t want to publish details,still i felt bad,indeed shocked.How come people can go easy on others work? Certainly i cannot,may be am exaggerating,still i feel disturbed is the truth.If i had consented it,i would not have bothered.

Am not writing award winning material,still my work is precious to me,its mine at any point of time.

I have copyrighted them,DD says what will ya do if  someone doesn’t apply ctrl+c but copies it just by reading it? I don’t have answer,still have copyrighted,just to make sure i have done my part.

Fun indeed,with a splashing bubble bath like this.


Lemme enjoy before amma takes me out

When i started this wonderful thing,i knew some or  other day  i will end this.Am very subtle at the art of letting go.But still am attempting it only because,am stressed so much.When am not prepared myself,how can i expect you to be prepared? Anyway,am really sorry for putting you through this.

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