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Repenting on the past mistakes,lets you remorse
Make things around you even worse
Learn from it and move obverse
For you can’t correct it with a reverse

Past few days i wondered as whether i have done a shabby job of parenting,i have grown a very weak and timid,sensitive,still dependent on amma kid.She loves home so much,for that she doesn’t cry in school but feels very unpleasant in school,not interacting much seeks approval for each item from her staff,she doesn’t even strikes back or informs her teacher if any kid strikes her(as told by her class teacher).She doesn’t talk to others much,but still she has made few friends.Upon leaving time she tells her route bus no and requests to be left there.

A big time observer who drifts into her own world most of the time.While am explaining the very interesting story of  ‘When earth lost its shape’, she glances through the car window and asks me why one tree is not straight and why the branches are bent ?a line was stolen from this tree alone ? On Ammamma telling very interesting stories about kitta,she wonders if he will come to our house or will respond if he call him.

Very imagining child who struggles to fit in a classroom environment,and clearly shows no interest in writing alphabets umpteen  times,instead shows big time interest in singing rhymes and colouring.

It’s dreadful for me to think i have grown a misfit in this society.

I don’t have answers at this moment,but i would want to let go by the flow.

I still remember my early school days,not LKG but UKG,i did not make big friends whole my life,let alone childhood.But i was definitely not weak like her.I don’t know  appa’s history though, for now i would go by the flow,few days had been really traumatic thinking to repair the damage already done,but no more thinking about it.


All of a sudden one evening before supper she declares ‘ You are not like my friends appa”.

Puzzled we ask why do you say that ? She replies ” My friends appa are all wearing glasses and looks stylish”.

So shocked, i could not understand from where she learnt all these.

Am not sure what made her believe so and to make such a statement,but am feeling good that am not the one who drops/picks her up from school.

LKG admission.Not a very challenging stuff as it is in India today, still i was a bit worried.

Personally i would want her to go to Montessori or any other non conventional educational system only.Given the limited option,this school seems to be promising,many of colleagues kids are into that school and they promise the very personal care teacher offers and the Olympiads they organise to replace threatening written tests.So i wish this school would e non threatening for her to learn and grow with.

And coming to the interview stuff,she had fever when we went to school,she felt sleepy and started her afternoon nap while waiting for interview,and i enjoyed the warli art on the sides of their staircase..By the time they called her she was half asleep,we went in with her for interview and was asked to leave.But madam did not answer anything to their queries,they i went up to her and asked her to answer,she did not answer until the staff member uttered the magical word,guess what ‘Chocolate’,after hearing that she opened her mouth voluntarily to say ‘My name is ……’ ,answer for the question which they have asking for the past 10 mins.

One who knows from egg to Butterfly cycle,refused to answer what it is when showed a butterfly,it takes a chocolate to bring out the answer.They gave coloring page to assess fine motor skill,definitely i would have loved to have something else instead of that.Well,it could be a general choice.And that’s it we are over,few general questions to assess language skills and few pictures for cognitive assessment and a coloring stuff for fine motor skills,she scored 45/55.And we paid the said amount,khalas. Admission saga is over.

And am deeply concerned about this one behavior of her observing others than to mind one’s own business(literally ‘parakku paarthal’),this deviates her attention and lacks completion in her own task,and in between everything she drifts into her own world,i must do something about it,but not sure what should be done.

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