August 2010

In any business/relationship,if fidelity is lost,what will be your reaction ?

a) Discontinue the business /relationship

b) May be a chance can be given

c) Fight over the issue and believe things will be alright further

d) Never mind


Which you could have also felt/experienced.

1. It’s like, you forgot everything after you return back to college/work after a long holiday or even after a weekend.

2. On a very low day,everything negative happens only to you.

3. Eyeing on the neighbour’s plate or captured by the name of the dish you order something and it turns out to be a disaster.

4.Mix up salt and sugar or spices in any dish, when you are so preoccupied.

5. Thrown in vegetable skin on to veggie bowl and veggies into trash while multitasking in kitchen.

6. The best of your menu fails when an important guest comes.

7. Toddler/baby wakes up from sleep only on the same moment you start your computer/laptop.

8.Went on a tough competition for a dress in a store with fellow shopper.

9. On a very lazy day,you prepare lunch/dinner after sulking and the husband just calls you up to announce that he is eating out.

10. Outfit/shoes give you some trouble only after you set out for an important gathering.

11. You remark comment about someone and when you just turn,you see them behind you.

12.Inspired by a new recipe,hype about it to the husband,you wake up early to try that and you find that the main ingredient is not in your pantry stock.

is feeling good,energetic but still tiring,stressing and missing something.

Returning to career after 2 year break is wonderful,and i feel complacent with the ability to catch up.Yet i terribly miss my little one,our funny moments of drawing,poster colors,puppets,dancing,touring teeny home in ‘cithel’,story telling and all,though its only 4.5 hrs am away from her,i still miss her.

There is too much on my platter and too little a time or am i sucking in time management? not sure.

And she does misses me,first two days were ok,but today she has been repeatedly calling for me,i can’t even think about leaving her with baby sitter.She is resilient,but it will take time for her to settle down,i believe.

One good thing is that,am just on a contract  few months,so to continue or not can be decided as the time passes by.But already am waiting for thursday,thankfully its tomorrow.

P.S: Almost every site and chat is blocked,may be i can use google,yahoo,blogs arent blocked,some silver lining there.

We just found this fact on her Bahrain visit visa last friday, when she was supposed to travel on Sunday early morning(Fri,Sat holiday).In a big hurry we cancelled the ticket,booked new one,still unsure if the gender would be corrected soon,since its ramadan here.

Applied again yesterday for correction  and got it corrected same day,cancelled the other ticket,booked a new one for today morning and thankfully everything went in line and she is now here,enjoying the role as a doting grandparent.

Equals What?

Plus: A 20 month old able to voice out the urge of poop and pee both.

Minus: Uses the same word for both.

Ambuli is in phase of talking which leaves us with ocean of gibberish and few words which we really understand and few phrases too.A typical gibbersih would be “Thana kakka ta littu ba”,god can only decode this.

She loves to bring a bowl and ask ” Innum konjam venum”(Want some more),any question with “yaaru”(who),gets an answer “Naan than” (its me).Even if you ask “Who is bad girl?” she will still reply as “Its me”.Favorite phase is ” Anna kaa uvva”.

Addresses few animlas aana(elephant),thotho(dog),cow.

An old person is “Thatha” and small kids are all “Akka” and “Anna”.

Counting starts from n-one and ends at thoo.

Anything and everything would get a big “nenaam(no)”.

Monosyllable does exists,believe she grows out of them quickly.

Now leaving you all with few puzzling babytalk,guesses/answers most welcome.(All english no Tamizh)

1.She loves to be in this new one we bought few days back -CITEL.

2.On every traffic signal she looks for it and cries if not found -WATTA.

3. She parrots me on one word like this -TATRAT.

4.She loves to play this always -STATA

5.She addresses her favorite toy as -EBBEA

6.Loves spending time with this -BOOBOO

7.Two colors which she knows – OOOOH AND BUVU.

Recently an acquaintance told me this and made my heart heavy. One of her friend here,delivered a girl baby in an government hopsital last Wednesday and friday early morning the baby is no more,and the last rites were performed here.This sent a shiver through my spine and was very appalling considering that is her first baby.

Baby was not breastfed at all though it was a normal delivery,hospital had not conveyed any reason for the death,a final conclusion what they arrived at was it could be a heart problem since the baby became all blue,gosh the very imagination scares me.

Had they not evaluated an APGAR score to find out how good the baby is? Why not let the mother breast feed the baby? Could it be SIDS? No inoculation nor  a pediatrician visit the baby since birth,no cleansing for the baby as well. Too many questions to ask,but where to find answers?

With medical technology so advanced these days,its really saddening to hear such,am feeling very sorry for the parents but still am bothered about their ignorance or not raising up against the hospital procedure.Its heart breaking to put oneself  in the mother’s position,a dream of  280 days and a pleasure of 2 days just went away,just like that,oh god give her strength and may that soul RIP.

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