This job is going to be bit tough and challenging,if you feel to do something pretty challenging then pls go on and read…

1.Graduate/Non graduate or even a school final should be okie.

2.Important requirement for this job is Patience.

3.The must required skill is creativity.

4.You should be someone who can be very entertaining on demand – dance when it is needed or sing if you are asked to,do a drama if need be so.

5.Its preferable that you are a go-getter.

6.You should be level headed considering the fact that sometimes you achieve success in first few attempts,but sooner it can be a total failure.

7.Additionally if you know some juggling,thats really what is needed.

8.Decion making skill and alternate action in times of failure is much valued.

9.You should never feel frustrated even if you fail to achieve targets,self motivation should be the key factor.

After reading the above said reqs,if you are puzzled about the job,here is the desc

Job Desc: Preparation of food and feeding a fussy eating toddler.