This is the feedback of her teacher,yesterday afternoon,which was her first day in school.

I have been a lot skeptical about joining in school because all of them felt she is very young to be in a school.This school admission was no easy,i had  talked so much to the Admin person to get this seat,especially the morning classes(there were spaces in afternoon session).I was so scared as Bahrain is turning like India,where school admission is a tough business and purely a business.

We are informed as no space in two schools and in a home turned Montessori school,the lady in charge did a lengthy interview for both us and wanted to practise for a while by sending an hour daily since she did not want any commotion in the morning batch.And we checked few other schools and god they were plain ripping ,a school demanded 850 BD per term(6 months) and a joining fees of 150 BD,other one asked for 115 BD per month including transport,which was quiet far from home.There was one more school which is asking 800 BD for 3 months.

I was very particular looking for morning session because am working in the morning and it would be good to have her in home afternoon and she would have a hearty nap and the evening is for us.Out  of all sifting we are left only with this school,and this has been testified by many,also i took the opinion from the fellow blogger in Bahrain and she said the school is great(Her son is in the same school and had an impromptu blogger meet yesterday).Staff kid ratio is 10:1 along with a nanny in each class,a separate play area for nursery kids,indians around,wallet friendly and excellent staff was the reason to narrow down this school, the only negative is that she has to go to school in uniform.

Uff,a long rant,so coming to the point now,after all the drama and trauma at the school prices,finally we got a place for her in this school.We did not make big stories about school or constantly reminded her about school,but we did took her when we went for admission and she loved to be in the play area and did not want to come with us.Someway or the other she was excited about school,or at least i believed so.We felt DD could drop her and pick her up daily and believed she would settle in a car seat.

So it was yesterday,her first day in school.We woke her up early and it was a battle to feed her milk and get her dressed up(these days,dressing her up is a big deal) in the new white tee and blue jean.She insisted that she sits in car seat,even when am around.

Been to Guruvayoorappan temple and then  to school.She got into nanny’s hand as soon as she called her and i walked behind nanny to class room.When dropped in ground she went ahead and grabbed a chair herself and started examining the classroom,looked like it was a familiar place and she had been taught as what to do.She did not shed a single tear,while i was worrying about possible meltdowns.

There were only few kids yesterday and the class attender was there,i waited for the teacher a while,then i spoke to her about her food habits and left her with some clues on her language.She was very kind,least to say.

Afternoon,i waited in the gate while her nanny dropped her with the bag and soon the class teacher met me.She informed me that she played well along and ate her food completely(surprise!!),but she left with a note that she is bossy,but not possessive,she took control of the toys and passed around the kids.She was willing to share her food and demanded from others too(am bit worried here as a veggie).I could not believe my ears,she is definitely not shy,sporty type,but being bossy,i did not expect that from her.But my sistah says its all in genes,you have grown up bossy and the kid is born bossy.(pls spare me)

When we asked her opinion about school she replied “nanna pidikkum”( I like it so much).And she elaborated as she had her idli with yoghurt ,and also the cucumber slices.It seemed like she wanted noodles from other girl.I thought i would make noodles or pasta today but woke up very late that i packed only Idli but left her with the favorite snack,cracker peanuts.

So the school saga started happily and today she waved bye,and said see you to her dad in the morning.(Am  dancing at this)


This weekend we had been to an Ayyappan temple here.After darshan we sat on the floor and was watching,i was explaining those idols and swami names to her.

Then curtains were drawn to make some ‘Alankaram’ (Dressing up).So i told her ‘Enga da ummachi? kaanume’.(Where is god? disappeared? (Actually wanted to explain alankaram part,so this question))

Quickly she turned around and showed me a life size photograph of guruvayoorappan which was very close to curtain and I have never looked at it.

Am simply amazed by her response,awestruck.

As the lil one grows up,so grows the learning curve,and one which is part of it was using Dustbin.

DD taught her the usage of dustbin and wanted lil help from her on that end.And i should not be denying that she helps to put wastes into it,also she throws whatever she wishes into it.

She can remove her diaper and find a place for it in dustbin,in the same time she will be attracted by the empty milk or laban bottle in it.

Promptly place a waste paper in it and remove the adorable vegetable waste for play.

Sometimes sometimes her toys also find a way in dustbin,and once an oil can was also dropped in and was bid adieu.

Not sure what makes dustbin a lucrative play area,but still she insists to cling on to it.Well,it was our fault not to buy a closed one,but they should get some dirt is it not,if not what is the fun?