Am paranoid,crazy,stupid and can be called any of the above.All the more am anxious,on each n every take of life.

If things doesn’t fall within the time frame of my expectation, i would worry.

I checked your hearing capacity at a clinic as early as 3 months(worried since she was not paying attention to me,DD still swears he would tell his daughter @ right time so that she can take a revenge on me) and checked your eyes @ 5 months (her sclera was very thin that white portion appeared pretty grey), worried until you started walking full fledged around 13 months and was perturbing until 2 months back when you were still in your mono syllables for few words though you were quiet good with your vocabulary.(Ofcourse loads of curses from DD for making you as an experiment specimen)

But now am gleefully enjoying this and rest of the commands you throw at us firmly.

1. Apple narukki thaa – A bedtime routine this is.As soon as we all fall on to bed for some sleep,she gets a strange desire to munch on apple every night and orders to cut the apple and give her.

2. Appa, apple cut pannu – Even after first command if there is no response from us,she calls only her appa to cut the apple.

3.Sofa mela ukkatham – Sit in the sofa.grabbing a book or two,or a bowl of snacks she would want me to sit on the sofa.

4.Bowl/poon ammi thaa – Wash the bowl/spoon.Normally when am around in kitchen,she grabs a bowl and spoon and wants that to be ammied.

5. Clip maatti (followed by) kannadi pakkatham – To tie up her hair with a clip and soon after that her highness wants to look at the mirror.

6. Shoe podu – After we utter that we are going out,she goes grab her shoes and calls us for any help this way.

7.( Any subject of interest) ethu thaa – whatever she feels like grabbing and not within her reach,she would throw a command to grab it for her.

8. Vera paatu podu – Now she started watching lot many videos in Appa’s mobile and gets quickly bored out of everything and asks for some other video to be played.(She would be holding on to the TV remote quickly hopping over channels in future i believe).

9. Modhalla (any subject of interest) venum – Started expressing her preference as which one she needs first.

10. Amma mammam venume – The one which i feel very very pleasant to hear from a fussy eater,though this is a rare occurence when she asks for her food.


This job is going to be bit tough and challenging,if you feel to do something pretty challenging then pls go on and read…

1.Graduate/Non graduate or even a school final should be okie.

2.Important requirement for this job is Patience.

3.The must required skill is creativity.

4.You should be someone who can be very entertaining on demand – dance when it is needed or sing if you are asked to,do a drama if need be so.

5.Its preferable that you are a go-getter.

6.You should be level headed considering the fact that sometimes you achieve success in first few attempts,but sooner it can be a total failure.

7.Additionally if you know some juggling,thats really what is needed.

8.Decion making skill and alternate action in times of failure is much valued.

9.You should never feel frustrated even if you fail to achieve targets,self motivation should be the key factor.

After reading the above said reqs,if you are puzzled about the job,here is the desc

Job Desc: Preparation of food and feeding a fussy eating toddler.

* Early Morning

Yes,we did that,performed a folk dance for “Choo choo maari” @ midnight and around 4 am.

After her initial four months of life she was not suffering much from colic,and after solids around 6 months no colic at all.Strangely few days back she had a colic and woke from sleep around 12:05 am and was crying non stop,initially i could not even guess why she is crying for,no mosquitos or any insects here though.I was so wistful for being helpless and merely watch her cry for non stop 25 mins,i tell ya,the worstest moment in life is watching your child cry and you are helplessand its pretty scary too.Then we  just applied castor oil which we had,and she passed out some wind,it was 2 days since she pooped,i guess that was the trouble.

Efforts to stop crying went all vain,so after 25 mins she started palying with castor oil bottle and cap,weeping in between,we gave her that favorite flower book,and shown that choo choo maari video too,once she saw that she wanted to dance and she took few steps too,but later she could not,DD went on dancing and i too joined them(TG we live in ground floor),later she wanted to carry her and dance(we did so).

Sometime later she got settled and slept,but i was very much scared that she will wake up again and it happened around 4 am,the entire process repeated and a dance again too.

That morning she pooped and it was okie then,i guess her intake of water is very low and causing all these troubles.