and the height of laziness and all possible ailments.Ambuli is down with throat infection and high grade fever up to 40 C,for the second time in last 15 days.She had one on her star birthday and now  this one on sunday.Bunked office for 2 days to be with the little one.It was pretty scary, when the temperature had no idea to decline even after the strong dose of nurofen.I was even planning  to admit and observe .But today after going to the clinic she showed signs of  improvement.Hopefully she will be better tomorrow and i will go to office.

One thing with this girl i never understand is she is up and running always that no one would ever believe that she has a high grade fever,that makes me worry a lot,as a paranoid mother ever.

Though there is a relaxing pace at work and home these days,writerz block is on me,pure laziness even to blog hop.No resolutions for this new year,since i know i would never keep up one.

Terrible twos had started and i could really not manage it with timeout or in fact anything,boy its horrible.Just waiting for the phase to get over.There is an irresistible urge to do everything on her own and am left choiceless.Spank or not to spank is a big question revolving around us,we do think ourselves as ideal parents(??) and that sans spanking in this household,though am not sure how long it would last.She erases everything with a magical word “thaari amma”,what will ya one do?