Hello All

Just felt why would not i make some promises on blogs n posts in this first post of mine,so that i would try hard to keep it

So here goes it….

1.Visit my blog at least once in a day.(Should i not visit my blog??)

2.Try to post at least one post in a week (sorry with a toddler soon baby i can’t do it that quick) so in a fortnight.

3.To look at the comments for those posts and reply back in a month(if i hardly get any).

4.Try not to criticize any individual(I meant u DD).

5.Will search on similar blogs and update my blogroll.

6.And last but not least will post updates on lil gal at least once in a month(I had named the blog after her,will she not be back after me if am leaving her out??)

Enjoy reading.

(PS:Ppl dont get worked up,this post is just for fun(chumma ullu ulla kaati dhan))


Ambuli’s mom.