Finally,you are getting ready to go back to your home,sweet home.It was good to go out with you and i have always looked around for your appreciation,i mean only your appreciation.Even while amma and appa claps for me,i would get a satisfaction only after you clap.

Amma is wondering if i will miss you or not,even i don’t know what will happen.I really may not get that noon and evening trips to bus stand,amma will never take me.

I enjoyed lil fights between you and your daughter,and that day we searched for you.May be years later i will even fight with my father,not sure though.

You disliked this weather,you are annoyed with the temperature prevailing,small ailments too you had.Now i think you are glad going back to your home,to be with Ammamma and Chithi(aunty).Will you have a sense of missing me? Do tell amma about what you feel,she will definitely do a filler post about we missing or not each other.

Wishing you a safe journey back home.