We have a teeny place where the old computer desk sits as pooja almirah,housing gods ranging from krishnaji to manapully bhagavathy.

The rituals in ambuli household is morning pooja by DD and evening lamp lighting and few swami songs sung(yelled) by AA.

When it is termed as pooja in morning,it doesn’t cover  abhishekam and aaradhanai,DD lits the lamp and reads out quite some slokas and call it pooja concluding with a neivedhyam.

Morning neivedhyam is mostly milk,afternoon god(s) would get saadham(rice) if I had cooked with madi(cooking post bath),evening since am the only one here,I offer anything to god as I wish.

If there was no milk in morning DD had offered some fruits,raisins and aval(poha).Today that was the case and there were no raisins too,I told him to offer walnut,he rejected,I suggested him to offer that strawberry flavored milk, he strongly objected that, it will not form a proper neivedhyam,adding this “you can’t offer things as you wish to god”.

Good that he is not present in evenings,I have offered things like dates,yoghurt,black berry layered yoghurt,apple puree,peach puree,cream spread cheese,peanuts,white forest cake etc., typically I offer that evening snack of ambuli to god before giving it to her

But he is not agreeing for a strawberry milk, I think god should try that,will he not be bored with the normal milk offered with sugar?

When we try all new different tastes and stuff,why should he be bored daily with milk and rice?