Anything since  a week,so this one is a long post of  pending stuff

On return journey,i was quiet comfy,quickly passed baggage screening,checked in quickly,had a priority immigration and waited for 2 hrs before boarding flight,my mom woke up her while changing nappy and she was up and playing until we boarded.Before take off she slept and woke up only after coming home.I did not get the front row seats but the flight wasn’t full so i got a window seat,the next being blocked to be empty for our sake.A drunken fellow initially occupied the aisle seat and later he was moved to a different seat by that person who had checked me in,so nice of him,since i was fearing, to whom i can leave her during my washroom visits.Later it was gentleman who was our co passenger,he sat only in 3/4th of the seat leaving room for Ambuli to sleep well,and took care of her when i went away,nice of him too.

I came out in 15 mins after flight landed,DD was bit late and i had to wait for sometime.The weather was very chill,but next day it changed and no more winter,occasionally somedays wind is there.

This valentine day was nothing special.Few days before our wedding was the first valentines day when he had sent in a bouquet,i exhibited it in drawing room saying that it was sent by him to all those relative loaded in my home(ellam oru vetti bandha dhan),last year i had delivered ans was in India,this time also he had sent in a bouquet.This year a month before he left and i was staying back in India,and he had not sent anything.I guess his romance factor has gone below,i dont  believe much in this particular day,it was an expectation set for me previously that i expected.Later i asked him why there was nothing,DD told most websites were overbooked and he had sent an e-card.I never received it,Yesterday when trying to clear Spam mails,i saw his card and i was relaxed.

Again not complaining.but this wedding anniversary was very plain.He wished me in the morning,and slept back due to travel tiredness that i woke up only when he was wearing his shoes,he had made his own coffee and packed cereals for breakfast and left.I guess he is disappointed but he never said so,unlike me he never lets out his expressions.Lunch was his favorite stuff and he had taken half day’s off and we had good sleep in afternoon.Evening i got on his nerves by preparing ‘Bonda’ when it was time to go to temple.We had been to a Gujju krishna temple here lil late around 8 pm,then did our grocery shopping and had food in Shetty’s restaurant.I gave him a CD with Ilayaraja love melodies.

Lil more abt ambuli will follow in next post.

Edited to Add: In shetty’s place,i tried ‘Neeru Dosa’ after reading abt in a magazine,but to my awe it turned out not so good,very plain and tasteless,DD was mocking at me for trying a new one.