Most of the tamil rhymes are covered,but still i cant resist doing this for rhyme no 1 is my favorite and its sounds heaven when heard from my niece.

Rhyme 1:

This is from my periamma(aunty),and its about one of those krishna leelas.This song is by an Gopikai(resident of Gokulam,the place where krishna was grown up) when Krishna had broken her Yoghurt pot.

This is for older kids.

Oh Oh  Oh thayir kudame udaindhu ponadhe

Udaindhu ponadhe krishna unnal aanadhey

Maamiyarum idhanai kandal,mattam thattuval

Mattam thattuval krishna,Mandunni solluval

Oh Oh Oh thayir kudame udaindhu ponadhe

Udaindhu ponadhe krishna unnal aanadhey

Naathanarum idhanai kandal,naapu kaatuval

nappu kattuval krishna,naiyandi pannuval

Oh Oh Oh thayir kudame udaindhu ponadhe

Udaindhu ponadhe krishna unnal aanadhey

Kozhundhanarum idhanai kandal,Kobam kolluvan

Kobam kolluvan krishna,koli mootuvan

Oh Oh  Oh thayir kudame udaindhu ponadhe

Udaindhu ponadhe krishna unnal aanadhey

Aathukkaarar idhanai kandal,adhati odukkuvar

Adhati odukkuvar krishna,adithu norukkuvar

Translation: (A  weak attempt and not line by line)

Oh Oh the yoghurt pot has been broken

Krishna you have done this to me

If my MIL happens to see this,she will discourage me and criticize me

If my SIL happens to see this,she will be angry and  she will mock at me

If my BIL happens to see this,he will get angry and will gossip about this

If husband happens to see this,he would scold me and beat me to blues



Rhyme 2:

Normally sung when feeding babies,for its called as Nila kaati choru ootal.

Nila nila odi vaa

Nilamal odi vaa

Malai maele aeri vaa

Malligai poo kondu vaa

Nadu veetil vei

Nalla thudhi sei


Moon Moon come running

Without stopping anywhere

Climb upon the mountain and come

With some jasmine flowers

Keep them in center of home and

Perform some nice prayers



Rhyme 3:

Some song for the ducks.

Kulla kulla vaathu

Kuva kuva vaathu

Mella udalai saithu

Maelum keezhum parthu

Chellamaga nadakkum

Kullamani vaathu


Short short duck

Duck which sounds kuva kuva

Slowly bends the body and

Looks up and down

One which walks adorably and

Its name is Kullamani.

Edited to add

Rhyme 4:

A  rhyme which i remembered over night,starts with kozhakkattai and ends with ant.

Kozhakkattaye Kozhakkattaye aen vegalai?

Aduppu eriyala naan vegalai

Aduppe aduppe aen eriyala?

Veragu eeram naan eriyala

Verage verage aen eeram?

Mazhai peidhadhu naan eeram

Mazhaiye Mazhaiye aen peidhai?

Pull mulaika naan peidhen

Pulle pulle aen mulaithai?

Maadu thinna naan mulaithen

Maade maade aen thinnai?

Amma avizhthu vittal naan thinnen

Ammave Ammave aen avizhthai?

Kuzhandai azhudhadhal maadai avizhthen

Kuzhandhaiye Kuzhandhaiye aen azhudhai?

Erumbu kadithadhu naan azhudhen

Erumbe erumbe aen kadithai?

Pondhukkulla kaiya vitta summa iruppena?




Kozhakkattai is a steamed snack.mostly made with rice flour shell and the stuffings vary from sweet to hot.

Kozhakkattai, why werent you cooked properly?

Stove wasnt proper and hence this happened

Stove, why werent you proper?

Wood was wet and thus

Wood,why were you wet?

It rained and am wet.

Rain, why did you come?

Grass should grow ,so i came.

Grass,why did you grow?

Cow will eat me,so i have grown.

Cow,why did you eat grass?

Amma let me free,so i ate.

Amma,why did you let cow free?

Kid cried and thus for fun i let it free.

Kid,why did you cried?

Ant bite me,so i cried.

Ant,why did you bite?

If hand is inserted in my mound,will i be quiet?