As the lil one grows up,so grows the learning curve,and one which is part of it was using Dustbin.

DD taught her the usage of dustbin and wanted lil help from her on that end.And i should not be denying that she helps to put wastes into it,also she throws whatever she wishes into it.

She can remove her diaper and find a place for it in dustbin,in the same time she will be attracted by the empty milk or laban bottle in it.

Promptly place a waste paper in it and remove the adorable vegetable waste for play.

Sometimes sometimes her toys also find a way in dustbin,and once an oil can was also dropped in and was bid adieu.

Not sure what makes dustbin a lucrative play area,but still she insists to cling on to it.Well,it was our fault not to buy a closed one,but they should get some dirt is it not,if not what is the fun?