WordPress offers a little funny statistics this way,by letting you know the search term used to locate your blog.A dear friend(Hi swaru) had done this post already and i was not keen on doing this one until i landed upon this strange search term ” Vayasu ponnunga pics”.(Teen age girls pic)

Yesterday it was that a stranger wanted to see some ‘Vayasu ponnunga pics”,but landed in my blog to read this boring stuff and see pics of Ambuli(She is also 1.5 vayasu ponnu right?) .

Needless to say i was quiet amused and tickled much to see this search term,i felt scared as if am posting some odd or irreverent pics of that sort,or a ghost guest posted without my knowledge?Am so aroused that i went to ‘Google’ and typed ‘Vayasu ponnunga pics’ and wonder my page was the first result,with this post being the culprit(Ambuli @ 15 months) having this word ‘vayasu’ in title.

This google search left me speechless,i was wondering if there is no other page linked with ‘Vayasu’?

So far there was some common sense in linking my page and search terms like,anyone would search for restaurants and will land here,ear boring and doubts regarding ‘Kaadhu kuthal’ will get them here,am not saying anything about this search term ‘Head boring’,any Tiruchendhur related queries will even land here.

Ambuli meaning,Ambulisamma,In the journey of life,Bessy beach,Sangamam are something which am used to,but this one is bit ROFLing.

Am sure all wordpress bloggers will have some other funny search terms like this.