As described earlier,she loves playing with coffee mugs and basket ball with tea strainer and few veggies,so that evening i took a pic of her with her toys

Opening camera pouch while am clicking this pic

The same night she turned brutal and here you see the result

Broken cofee mug housing a garlic


Oh boy, she has grown up,from a tiny tot who found latching on a great deal to a curious toddler who is nursing voraciously.As the days pass by she grows more and more naughty nd curious.

She started full fledged walking right from 13 months and then troubling us even better.She is having a good night sleep but always interrupted.Two naps a day and not more than 1 hour each.She has outgrown most of those frocks,they up and high on her,but still her weight lies somewhere between 3rd and 50th centile.Achieved her milestones of walking backwards and climbing stairs too,when in India she will climb upto first floor from ground,demand them for biscuit and would happily munch on it,whereas the biscuit offered in home will find a place near TV,bed or wherever she goes.Hair growth post mottai is not much appreciable,well lets wait.

She is somewhere between a fussy and non-fussy eater.She loves mashed potatoes,yoghurt,laban,veg pulav,raita,dosai,hotel idli,banana,mashed rice khirchi but refusing porridge,apple,dates these days.When it comes to fruit she loves banana,pears,peaches,chickoo and nendram pazham,in vegetables she goes with carrot,beans,potato,peas,broccoli,cauliflower,beets,chow chow,yam and plaintain.

Sometimes she eats milk cream,milk shakes and sometimes spits it, same with chappathi,cheese is always okie okie.A strict no to fresh milk,i tried it with sugar,honey,elaichi n sugar but still no luck.Not much into junks,she can happily play with a choclate in her hand,without a need to consume it,a friend of us recently wondered how she is playing with it,without opening and eating? Oh god,she doesn’t know that its choclate.

But i will have to feed her only when she is deeply engrossed into something,otherwise she spits,not very keen food offered for her,but loves it from our plate.(Ponnunga manasoda aazhatha guess pannuradhu kashtam.nnu sollaravanga oru fussy toddler.kku feed pannina,avanga eppo sappiduvaanga,maataangaradhu dhan guess panna kashtam.nnu solliduvaanga)

She plays on her own with toys,but needs someone near always.Also she has grown interest in few toys which would be all time favorite.When she is bored of toys or short of entertainment,she picks up those picture wordbooks or preschool essentials book and come to us.

She would prefer a reading with brief explanation and real sounds of birds,animals etc., a strict no to bedtime stories,but with actions she accepts it,but she will turn down those long drab reading which usually DD does to escape.Am happy that she has shown some interest towards books unlike DD,the book resistant.But still her attention span is very less and not more than few mins that she hops on to next book quickly.

Forgets things at times,but still can point out a dozen things correctly when asked.She is more into actions except for one  like this.She drives car all by action.She is also into these religious stuff as mentioned here ,after her ammamma’s training.She is not liking TV,i have not exposed her much,but once when i tried with Karadi tales CD,she could not sit along for more than couple of mins,she dislikes passive observation(woha,am happy),but when music comes she just turns her head to TV and listens.( She knows what AAP says).

She loves music as always and recent addition is choo choo maari .For her to know vessels are hot i told her “choo choo”choodu and sang this one,DD downloaded this one and she dances like anything to this song,she turns back,shakes her body,bends her body,touches the ground and shaking her butt,sigh she loves this.Break for her music class still continues,may be she will complete in summer term.

Funtime for her is nursery rhymes videos in DD’s mobile,and she loves to hold mobile in her hand and what not,she treats it like a pet dog and DD runs after her to save his mobile.

Out of all these time pass she wishes to spend time with kitchen gadgets.Lemon squeezer,tea strainer,chappathi stone,rolling pin,ladles,vessels within reach,coffee mugs,grater,potatoes,garlics,onions,sweet potatoes are all her toys.Next to kitchen the more loveable place for her is toilet,she throws everything into it whenever we keep it open without caution.She refuses to comeout after a bath too.

She is the mother of all misplacings,throws fresh clothes from wardrobe to laundry bag,dirty clothes from laundry bag to toilet or near kitchen sink,potatoes into wardrobes and you know more.

Mantra to me is practise patience,though i cant help yelling at her atleast once in a day,my patience breaks when the floor  just cleaned is filled with garlic skin  peeled by this lil mouse who smiles at you.

I have to admit that she is of lil help by bringing mobile,towel etc.,and occasionally using this.

She is more like me being adamant,resisting medicines and cries at drop of a hat.She intimidates us by screaming whenever she wants things to be done in her way,more of a ‘Thaan thoni’,wishing to do things as she wishes.But she is having ball with friends of us and a doll to them,and more importantly does not even recognises me when playing with kids of her age or older ones,she is not showing interest in babies.

Otherwise am having a good time with her,and more than happy whenever she does something new and taken away by her smile(read as ásatu sirippu) in this style,raising her chin and partly closing her eyes and giggling showing her half a dozen plus two teeths.


Edited to add: Forget these two important points,

1.She hates shopping,since she lacks attention and enterntainment,she screams to get down and fiddle with those things arranged neatly to a complete mess,which we sort later.

2.She loves to see photos that too in laptop,she is very much amused to see herself in photo.