This is one song which my mom used to sing to Ambuli,while keeping her on lap and rocking her back n forth in an attempt to burp.Somehow am into nostalgia today and remembered this song,here goes it,

Aanai aanai,azhagar aanai

Azhagarum chokkarum aerum aanai

Katti karumbai murikkum aanai

Kaveri aathai tholaikkum aanai

Aanaiyay kandeero kola thambi?

Kanden mandala thoppula

Kutty aanaikku kombu molichudham

Pattanam ellam parandhu odi pocham


And a weak translation here


Beautiful elephant of azhagar

And upon which azhagar and chokkar will go for ride

Wonderful elephant which breaks mighty sugarcane

and which could nudge the river kaveri

Have you seen this elephant anywhere kolathambi?

Yes i have seen it  in  small grove

This little elephant has got horns and flew all over the city.

Am not sure if anyone  know this already(there is a different version of the same song),and if someone can provide a better translation,very welcome.


Introduced her crayons and she is scribbling with it,and i can’t wait to give her water color.Last week,i gave her water color and after few guided strokes and lot of instructions she painted few strokes by herself on Day 2.Find it out from pics

Day 1:

Looking at the water color

Sprinkling water

Day 2:

       Not sure if this can be called a painting,but still am doing it bcoz she did it by herself,including choice of colors and i feel like appreciating her.

First painting by her unguided

Something on legs too

As described earlier,she loves playing with coffee mugs and basket ball with tea strainer and few veggies,so that evening i took a pic of her with her toys

Opening camera pouch while am clicking this pic

The same night she turned brutal and here you see the result

Broken cofee mug housing a garlic