What could be her first stage performance after all,am not going to dig deeper into it as DD already have sulked so much for his mistake,did i tell he is the culprit ?

Two weeks back,we had Ambuli’s school christmas celebration in British club.DD even got the passes for it.Post Bali and Singapore trip,a very hectic one at that,we all had a sickness spell and recovered only 10 days post arrival in bahrain and obviously she did not go to school.So i was under an impression that she is not participating in anything(as she has not attended school almost for a month),but i felt we must show her all those.

As norm in this house hold,we(read it as them,dad and daughter) went late to the party(in spite me waking up early and finishing everything on time) when the older kids from Prep class started dancing(Ambuli is in nursery).It was pretty lovely to see kids dancing without a cry or fuss.I did felt for ambuli having missed the fun,but she did enjoyed watching akkas and annas dancing.Myself and ambuli went rested a while he was away for a coffee break,the class teacher came straight to me and asked ‘why are late today,i have informed your husband that she is in a russian folk dance and wanted you to come early?”. It was very missing feel,i must tell you.

When i informed him,he was sure that he was not informed and we hd petty arguments as he started sulking too much, definitely  a long time to go and she still very young to get pretty many chances,though i felt a lump in my throat,for not having seen my daughter dancing a russian folk dance.

Only silver lining in amidst all these was,we won a raffle sold,second time in my life to win something in raffles or draws.

And on other note she has started talking so much and has become extremely sensitive,am in a state of confusion to handle her especially in my miffed state.One angry word and she tells you almost in a broken state and pleading voice “Amma enna thitidha amma”(pls don’t scold me amma),that leaves me in a quagmire.

We also had a birthday celebration in school,with a cake and goody bag for kids.We walked into the classroom together,a best friend of her came running but she clambered on me and refused to civil with any of her classmates and made a pool of tears when i left.What could be wrong,almost a year now and still she is not settled,every morning she tells me ‘Amma school poga vendam, nee office pogave koodathu’ (I don’t want to go to school and you should not go to office).lets read some books and play together amma.Am very confused and not sure how will i handle this.