Repeating the same old cliché,it was like the past minute i gave birth to Ambuli,but she has grown up,big enough that she wants to decide her birthday cake.

She has a terrible mom who did not approve of her deign of cake in which Mickey,Minnie and Goofy were in a ranch and Goofy lassoing(from her mickey mouse adventures book),i did got her a Mickey mouse cake and a mickey mouse goody bag attempting to make it a mickey mouse theme party.I feel very ashamed to host such a lousy party when i go aww at some party like this .

We had a miniscule party of 5+ kids and i must say we had fun.I had plans of 4 games and a finger puppet story,but since few kids did not turn up i reduced the games to 2 to fit 5+ kids.We read two books which were not in plan,we read ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ and ‘Room on the broom’,which i must say the kids enjoyed much.Kids are surprised to find the caterpillar turn into cocoon and butterfly later.Room on the broom is a big hit in our household, that i was reading it at least twice everyday and repeating it for bed time most of the days,she simply loves that book,and in the party too it was a hit,i was asked it to read it again.But the pain is to read book which your kid knows by heart,she wants to say it all by herself and was much of a nuisance to an otherwise fine reading session.

I had thought of smiley potatoes as snack and when i brought it to serve,a kid asked me ‘Aunty,is this chicken ?’,i said no,this is ‘smiley potatoes and you can eat,and other kid suddenly vouches ‘its vegetarian and you can eat it’ and points out a kid, ‘Aunty,we are all vegetarians,only he is Chicken,do you know,he is chicken and that’s why they are celebrating Christmas(they are celebrating christmas out of personal interest),and Aunty all chickens will celebrate christmas’. Parental emphasis on food habitat has influenced the kid to pass this verdict.

Then we had played some random songs kids requested and they danced,I had packed a goody back with some snacks and play-doh.It was the smallest b’day party she ever had,but it was most satisfying.I was eyeing on an easel for her and a best friend of ours brought her a 2-in-1 drawing board.magnet and black board on other side,she enjoys it so much,proof below

As seen working on it straight from bed today morning

And she claims this as penguin