The pleasure of doing nothing,that has been my state for the previous month.Just going to office, coming back,reading some book and call it a day,pleasure of having amma around.Husbandlessness(Dont jump into wild imaginations,he is in India) has added to the laziness.The emptiness of having acheived nothing and remaining as a average jane haunts me every now and then,but am not doing anything  about it.

Lil one is having a ball,those tamil titles from last trip to India which were untouched, were dusted by Ammamma and ‘neela nari’ is the current favorite.Once a trip to school and i found her as a very sensitive child,that scares me.Ammaamma took the tour of her classroom as requested by her headmistress and we took some photos with ammamma in school.

Looking back i did skipped the month of July and October with no posts,yes zero posts.Infact i had thought to abandon the blog as such,literally no mojo to continue.I had abandoned so many thing,blog could get added to that list.As always i tell to myself ,blog often,am definitely missing recording too many beautiful moments.

I had not done any tags right from May,will do it in December,once am back from India.Yes,leaving to India this weekend and to a getaway from there, will keep posted.