May be i can call it a mini mini story from her,but am surprised at her imagination.

Bedtime,i ask her, Do you like your school ?

She says “No”

I ask her why .

She says” There is a dinosaur in my school,with a party hat in its mouth.So i dont like.And i fought with it and took the party hat and drove my mcqueen back home since amma would be eagerly waiting for me.”

I know where this comes from.Two different books which we read had dinosaur in one and party hat in another,so she manages to build something out of both.

And yesterday we were on our way to park and in traffic signal,she says “Amma look out of the window there is an alligator”. I look out and there is no one signboard even with alligator picture.I could not spot anything remotely close to alligator.Appa looks out and spots an adjacent car which is long  and had its boot area open with two cycles into it,with their wheels to the edge.

With its mouth open and wheels on the edges it could give a very flaky picture of alligator,especially for her. I could not do the same even after reading this book.

P.S : I liked the imaginations quoted,but i felt mentioning childrens as juicy is a bit too much for me to stomach.I may have to edit this while read this to her.