Writing after a pretty long break.Though i wanted to record so  many things i did not do it.And so desperate to read certain blogs,but have never done that.

Met a blogger in chennai,my second blogger meet indeed.After coming to bahrain,life is quite hectic chasing being something in the corporate world, had a birthday passed(no am not yet 30) , ambuli had terrible reaction to the weather and all that.We both miss each other badly.

She is now in the ‘Q’ phase, of questions and i certainly can’t stomach question like this ” Amma udhattula mutha irukka?”(Does kiss lies in lips?).And cannot answer one like this ” Sun pakkathula aen amma kodu illa,drawing.la irukke?” (Why there are no lines in Sun,like the sun we draw?).

Knows all her colors including purple and grey and by chance if i select dress which is not matching,she comments that they don’t match and picks up one she wants and matching.Loves to read time from our digital clock,if i set some time as 8.20 i will give her juice,she would keep on watching and @ 8:02 she would claim it is 8:20.

Sometimes the questions are non stop that we cannot really keep on answering and return an annoying face to her.I do want to record each and every question she comes up with up.