That she asks for.

Seriously am more than curious to know,how would be the thinking pattern of a two year old and what is running in their mind.Her demands these days are hilarious.

1. We pass through a charity organisation here called as Red crescent society and she saw the red crescent on top of it.She announces amma Red color crescent,seconds later, “Amma,i like it very much,pls buy it for me”.

 2. Not enough drama of taking Gabba kuthi to school,today she wants to carry her Mcqueen to school.I faint at the very thought of carrying her,her bag and my laptop along with the car.

 3.We were reading Panda bear by Bill martin/Eric carle and suddenly she falls in love with the ‘Whooping crane” and claims that we should buy that for her. I did explained that its one of the endangered species and we cannot get it just like that.

4.On the way to school there is some construction going on and we get a sight of machines like dozers,scrapers and dump trucks on action,i would  explain it to her and its almost a daily watch,since yesterday we took a different route,she could not sight one such and demands a machine  in working mode to be seen.

5. Lazy evening we both stand  near bedroom window,she on the dressing table top and amma nearby,she watches the sun set slowly,one which is big and shining, slowly disappearing. As she had learnt,moon should rise once the sun sets,she asks amma to spot the moon as she couldn’t find one. Not a worthy answer though, i told her,the vehicle in which moon is coming has some problem,so it will be in a while,and she can spot it when it is completely dark.