How we see something and how do they see.

Normally the waning crescent is always referred to her as ‘Crescent moon’ and she identifies crescent moon and full moon easily.Other day evening when we both went for a stroll and while coming back she looked at the waning gibbous and exclaims ” Amma,moon odainchu poi irukku,yaaru odacha enakku theriyala” (Amma,moon is broken,i dont know who broke it? ).I think innocence at its best.

A colleague gifted her a bike and since it was not suitable for her we exchanged it for a rechargeable car with remote control.she was happy to have this car which goes in sync with her ‘Lightning Mcqueen’ school bag,color matches too.(No we did not buy her a chevy corvette 🙂  ). She is yet to get full control of it and practising,most times DD drives her through remote control.(while playing with RC she broke the antenna,but still RC works for short range.)

Since DD is not around i have thrown away RC aside and urged her to drive on her own.Driving and reverse driving is through a switch,she is not happy with the switch.So what is the solution ? The broken antenna gets a place inside charging hole and used as a gear.She tries hard to push the gear to go front and reverse, i did not tell her that it is not going to work,left it to her imagination.