More on the title later.

Did not write for a long time,something terrible in the home front.

On the easter day,suddenly she had high fever 39.5,she had medicines and was ok on Monday,again on Monday evening fever rose up to 40.5 and she was admitted for almost a week. On thursday fever went up to 41.2 and did not answer for any medicines,nothing worked for her,except sponging,that is the only thing which brought down the temperature. Test results were all normal expect for indicating bacterial infection with WBC count high up until 22k.

Needless to say i was scared and heart broken,it was extremely traumatic with  high temperature as 41.2,you are not sure what to do and i cried calling my mom.We had prayed to all gods  in this world.Though doctor claims it to be a simple bacterial infection,they are clueless as why the temp is increasing heavily and i did consult with her Indian pediatrician and she was also clueless,doctor said this infection is common here nowdays.Whatever,those were absolute nightmarish days of checking temp,sleepless nights of sponging,holding your baby to get hurt by strangers etc.,etc.,.Even today am paranoid as what if the fever would return.

My amma says it’s the bad spell of the home in which you live, after this lead DD also started thinking that way,to an extent that is right,after coming here Ambuli got serious illness and beginning of this year was terrible for us and end of April horrible. A close friend of DD calls it “jinx”,am not able to conclude on anything.

Post hospital blues has a deep effect on her,ever cranky,cringing and uncontrollably crying for everything,to be precise crying at the drop of the hat and hurting me n dd.And cries heavily while dropping at school.Am again clueless as how to deal with this,just assuming this as a phase and waiting to pass through.

DD is not in town this week and am to drop her at school and pick her up,yesterday she sobbed so long right in the car itself.So today morning struggle started while trying to dress up itself,she picked up her favorite soft toy and claimed that she will take him to school. I tried to leave that toy when leaving home,but she rejected heavily and carried it all the way to school and back home.

So what is the favorite soft toy? Its an elephant we got her after India trip,while in India i bought this book “Gajapathi Kulapathi”(Tulika fame) for her and she enjoyed it immensely it was a staple meal time book for her,so this elephant was named as “Gabba kuthi” in her vocab.Elephant is her favorite animal anytime and Gabba kuthi just flamed it well,she will eat with it,sleep with it,wash it,feed it,clean the bum and today it went to school.