After two disturbing post this one comes as a light read,just for heartening.One more year had passed in the tamizh calendar,Tamilnadu welcomed this new year  with higher voting percentage,which sets a smiley curve on face,yet this doubting mind thinks will it be the manifold increase in phony votes,well lets think only good.

And strangely in this new year,i have decided to play the role of Major sundarrajan,for  Ambuli to benefit from language.

Before coming to office,watched a debate in Sun TV and had a good laugh.Prepared almost  the same dishes i have done here. Vadai batter is sitting in fridge for me,and appalams and vadams are pending,will have them hot for lunch.Unlike last year,i would not go beyond my limits in bingeing and would indulge less.Oops,tomorrow awaits for another feast,yes vishu is on April 15th.

Had a  call yesterday evening and i should say it is an wonderful start for a new year.Hope this new year brings all of us,peace,health and Happiness.Wishes to everyone out there.