Another article i read today,which is a brutal CSA.

In one of the villages of TN,a 11 year old had been raped and killed by slitting her throat using a beer bottle.This proves that world is becoming a very unsafe place to live.Father and Mother both daily wagers and this girl on her way to Grandma has been abducted and killed. The girl has been tried with small tricks earlier and one day they fulfilled their lust and not to let the truth come out,they had murdered her in a brutal way.This incident sends a shiver through spine.

Not sure how this case will proceed,will money power play part,will the victims escape and the parents are to live with heavy heart for rest of the life ? What should be the punishment for this crime?

When we worry about our kids who are relatively safe,yet potential danger for moderate assault exists,what is the state of kids in villages,kids roaming in streets,kids who work as child labors,kids who are abandoned and kids under the trap of phony orphanages,kids who are being sold to foreigners without any proper documentation and abused later.

CSA is a very very wide chapter,under which every abuse from physical,mental and brutal comes in.In India,with huge diverse population CSA exists under various forms and ways and under all sects.Urban,rural,poor and privileged every kid is under a potential danger.

Recollecting the little news i have read,i could  remember more than handful incidents which involve CSA,one includes even 2.5 yrs old, raped and murdered.Most of the times its the rage against adults/parents directed towards  their kids.As mentioned in the previous post,the one incident which shook TN was the murder of two kids in Coimbatore and the accused is murdered in encounter.I dont have any clue on rest of the cases.

So what is in our legislation for crimes against kids? The truth is there is no separate legislation,the laws for crimes against women is applied for kids and it is an absolute misfit.There needs to be an initiative to bring up separate legislation which would fit for CSA,including all different possibilities,never leaving a loophole. Read about the laws we have against child abuse here,note that in any case the accused will not be imprisoned for more than 12 years and in most cases it is confined to 7 years.

And what are we going to do about those small degree of assault performed mainly by family and friends circle,which will have a long effect on the kid ? Definitely we parents should stand up against it and protest,how close they may be.

As mentioned in the comment of previous post by CSAA,we need to maintain a separate registry of crimes against children,this would be very helpful to assess the degree of CSA impact in our society.

And hats off to CSAA team for bring up this issue to light and creating a widespread awareness.This is one of the serious issue which needs immediate attention.