There have been many times,i had felt very low and very unlucky in my life.But this little girl is truly a blessing for me, she is the one

who showers true love very very unconditionally

who gives loads of kisses when you really need it

who starts pressing amma’sΒ leg with teeny hand,as soon as amma utters it is paining

whose laughter is true and makes a mood shift to you

who would want to share even the one little calcium chocolate with amma

who understandingly says “amma go to office,i will stay with laksha aunty(maid)”

who made every kid in the class utter “amma,amma” repeatedly,as told by her teacher

who comes running hurriedly to amma as she wakes up from a good night sleep

whom i trust to become a loving partner while growing up

and the one who gives a complete sense to any ending day

Thank goodness,for this sweet lil girl in my life.

P.S: Edited two more points.