Ani from Anisnest believes this blog has versatile properties and had awarded this “Versatile blogger award”.

Am much honored.Whenever i think versatility i remember Tamizh writer sujatha,may be there are lot others,but he is my favorite,who could discuss louis XIV furniture,wordsworth,puranaanooru,artificial intelligence,habeas corpus,chola dynasty all in one short story.

So here are some rules of that award,


1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post
2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pass the award
Random facts:
1. I was once a voracious reader,who will read while walking,doing household work,eating and while trying to sleep.I would borrow two books from library daily and would return it next morning,i have worried about Fridays because libraries are closed that day.Now i don’t get much time to read but still in the past 3 months i have managed to finish 5 books and currently reading one.
2. I have abandoned all my classes in middle,hindi,music and dance to name a few.
3.As a kid i disliked cabbage and amma would prepare it only on a friday,so that i will eat it while reading ‘Siruvarmalar“. And now i wonder how cabbage soup had become a staple diet these days.
4. Am very much a laid back person,when it comes to dressing up.
5. I have participated and won in lot of competition,all in my school life,in college i did not do much.
6. I have never tasted coffee or tea in my life time,except for some green tea rarely.
7. I would prefer to bake than to cook,i would highly appreciate if someone else can cook for me,especially,low fat,low carb,low cal and highly filling food.
Now passing this onto,
P.S: There are so many other bloggers to whom i would love to pass on this award,but they are all already covered by dear friend ani.