I guess almost all my readers are tired of what am writing these days.Even we are all tired and stressed out of the situation prevailing here.

We both are back to office,roads are almost empty and parking available everywhere.Schools are closed for students,staff working.Army tanks at all important places.Rumours are happening at its best and adds to the agony.I had never imagined such a thing would happen here before one month.

But DD had once told me Iran has interest in this tiny island and there are always chances of instability,but i never bought it.Now its very unclear as what is happening and what would happen further. Most of the families had moved,since it is school closure timing.Lil one enjoyed so much with both us stationed in home for full time,she loved it.On  last Wednesday morning two tanks were just beside my kitchen window,and i felt very odd and scary about it,what if they start firing and by mistake if it hits on our side? 🙂 🙂

All in all,this is a very different experience for all of us here,but not a very pleasant one.

Luckily we are placed in a bit safe location,friends in central Manama and other areas,  were extremely scared.A colleague of mine who is travelling for good from Bahrain,immediately moved to our place just for safety.So far i have not thought about leaving immediately,but we are prepared for a travel anytime.

We are safe and almost living a normal life except that we can’t move around much as earlier for safety reasons and because of curfew.But the state looks to me like a volcano,the anger mounting and aggravating among those suppressed and police and army takes care of suppressing further.But no one cannot live for long under the state of emergency,there needs to be a place for dialogue,things to settle in,people get their reform and peace should pitch in.

Am very much eager to see this country back to normal and wonderful state.Let god show some grace.And i will not bore you all again by posting such things.