Bahrain king had declared state of emergency for three months to maintain law and order in this tiny island with the help of peninsula shield troops from GCC.

Not sure as how days will progress,at the height of confusion now.Lot of families in my apartment complex are leaving to India, men staying behind.Till this moment i have not considered leaving to India,but wondering how life will be under martial law. Considering the loss of life in both the ends,mind is confused if it is a civil war. Media weaving stories as war between Iran and Saudi and US,everyone has interest in this little island kingdom.

US embassy had advised their citizens here to consider coming back,filipino embassy also urges the same.Long silence from Indian embassy,except that nirupama rao says ” India is watching the situation closely”, what are they watching? But out of 11 lakh population here Indians stand at a good number of 4 lakhs,evacuation or otherwise should be a massive attempt,considering Indian embassy dont even have the right number of indians here.Lot of illegals,free visas,non renewed free visas,boy its tough.

Expats,mainly pakistanis are taken hostage by protesters as the media claims.So far a pakistani and Bangladeshi had lost life,RIP to all those bloodshed.We are not anyway setting foot out and almost paralysed.

Praying to god is the only thing comes to mind. Let the almighty bring peace to all of them here.