Help us,all of us,Please.Good,bad,evil,gracious,benevolent,malignant all of us.

Japan is an extreme disaster,could not even digest at all.It is high time we respect mother nature to save this planet earth.

And here again in Bahrain,agitation surfaces up this time in an unagreeable way.University students attacked,trying to capture Bahrain financial harbour and all that absolutely disheartening.My office just across BFH has been closed until further notice.Ambuli school had sent text that they are closed for tomorrow.It took 2 hrs for DD to reach office today,but they closed early afternoon.A rumour that JP morgan is closing its business units here and moving to UAE.Economy seriously in bad shape with Hotel business and shopping malls at enormous loss.

Here just across my home on the bridge connecting Manama,a police checkpoint was erected in evening and confirmed a riot in neighbourhood.Friends across various location confirm us that,they see people carrying swords,its extremely scary.For almost a month now,the situation was thawing,and now again back to square one,even worse this time.God pls help all of us.