Little mind is thinking so much these days before giving an answer.

Well,now the turn is Ambuli sheds few tears and a little protest before going to school.Am not surprised as she behaved the same with baby sitter also,but i believe she is far better entertained in school.She is slightly on the hyperactive side so i was wondering if she is bored at school and that could be the reason for whining,and i did asked her.

Kannamma,are you getting bored in the school?

For which she replied after few seconds “No amma,am getting bored in appa’s car”.

Surely for a minute am speechless,then broke into laughter.

Before i could ask something DD replied ” Hiyo,naan rhymes dhan podaren,eppavum pechu kuduthunde varen”(Am only playing nursery rhymes and am engaging her by speaking to her frequently).