If anyone out there who wish to hear Kaangeya Nardhanam story?

Then you should get in touch with DD for the same,since verdict is given by HRH Princess Ambuli.Well,as a bedtime routine she hears stories from both of us alternatively as she pleases.Its always that DD tells Krishna stories to her and i stick on to general stories.So the kaalinga nardhanam is refered to as kaangeya nardhanam in her own terms.

One day she was rolling up in the bed and announced,” Appa.kku Kitta kadhai theiryum,amma.kku paanai kadhai theriyum”.(Appa knows Krishna stories and amma knows the story of pot).We both were shocked to hear the verdict by her,sometimes i do tell her krishna stories and DD tells the general stuff.Her current favorites are Kaangeyan from krishna tales and story of pot.