They are not sure of what they want.May be opposition party motivated them for some benefit.Atlast it is the common man,like you and me who shed their blood for meaningless motion.

If they want democracy they better understand their position is better than many other democratic countries including India.If they want more than BD.1000 which was determined to be given,they could have spelled it out rightly.If it is that PM should step down they could have handled it clearly.Whatever they have been misguided for a protest and from the autocratic government,there was only violence.They decided violence could answer these outlaws.

All these are avalanche effect which badly affects the economy across globe and now the oil price is sky rocketing to 104 Dollars.Everyone needs a peaceful end to all this traumatic drama.May god bless.

P.S: Am so much at awe for the early morning stuff today,since many pics of today tears the heart apart,just i realised that there are rajapakses everywhere.Again my sincere prayers for peace.