Nothing much significant,though there was a rise.Read more about it here .

The twitter updates were scary,but proved out to be much ado about nothing.The day began as usual,i had not wished to send her to school and she missed her first valentine party @ school :-).

We both been to office,and Bab-al-bahrain in central Manama has been blocked and polices around souq,since that was the main area for demonstration.Shops,hotels were all in business,but the crowd was very less and traffic was at ease in afternoon,could be because of schools announcing a holiday.

There was a car procession close to my home for celebrating 10th anniversary of the constitution and there were i love Bahrain slogans.But soon DD called me saying that there were protests all around and he would be home soon.

He did came early without much of a fuss and we did went out in the evening for a doctor appointment and streets were deserted like anything such as it would at 2 AM.Considering today as a holiday,it was a plain reflection of fear about protests,most of the business were running in low volume and surprise what,we got a parking at Saravana Bhavan doorstep and there were only two individuals inside it.

And today when we passed along the highway we could see police patrolling in cars and some helicopters.Assumingly bahrain is safe,we enjoy the moment here,for that this place is a home away from home for me.

Edited to Add: A comrade was dead in the protest yesterday and that fanned the flames of protest and the unrest begins.More update here.