hits the lil one first and moves on to amma and then appa.Had a terrible time last weekend composed of pills,syrups and IVs.Believe my immunity is hitting a low these days.

Would never wish that to happen next time.Weather is worse,non stop rain the day before and the city floats.Imagine if this city cannot stand a drizzling for half an hour,how would it be for the downpour yesterday.Pools and puddles and traffic chaos everywhere.Drizzling continues today and the prediction feels it for tomorrow too,thankfully the weekend should be saved for us.

Am recovering and the rest of the family is fine,with the weather like this life is so boring.I would love to have a plate full of pakodas,or a grilled corn cob or avicha kadalai(steam boiled groundnut) or in the worst case an bowl of popcorn,necessarily prepared by someone else and served to me to celebrate this weather, but horoscope effect, i end up making cauliflower fry for myself.