of blogging was really wondeful.Happy first anniversary to this dear blog.

I know it is a belated anniversary wish,since the sistah had got a lil nephew for me,a brother for ambuli on the anniversary date.She is back home today with the little bundle of joy.

Ambuli is having a ball here,the day back home is closing in on.We had been to a healthy baby competition and she won third prize.Been to Kidex expo here and i have won a set of books in the lucky dip,very first time in my life,i have got something this way.

DD is back home after sabari mala trip,so time to plan for a movie,Escape in express avenue is tempting.Been to Tnagar couple of time,Vanilla place is still waiting.I dont have more than a handful of days to go back home.

No blogging and blog hopping these days.Catch you all soon.