is warmth as usual though the cyclonic rains are drenching it making it nowhere near Singaram.

1.Am surprised at lot of shop boards in (effect of sem mozhi maanadu),few translated and few in transliteration.So tell me beauty parlour is Azhagu nilayam or Azhagootum (there are both)? and the list continues long.

2.Auto drivers want to make the life fortune in a single trip,I find call taxi better.

3. Dare not step into Tnagar so far,but should go soon.

4.Been to Tulika yesterday and got some books in their lovely newspaper recycled bags.

5. Planning for Vanilla place this Thursday or friday.Should pay a visit to Half tickets here in Velachery and Lilliput in Alwarpet.

6. Made Kaaju kathli,Badam halwa and ribbon pakoda for diwali.Ambuli had a lovely diwali with lot of crackers,i should say she enjoyed it.

7. Yet to start the temple visits,not sure if it will be complete this time.

8.Vegetable vendors feel offended when you carry a cloth bag(not a jolna pai though),they love to drop in plastic bags of veggies in that cloth bag.

9.She loved rains,called it “Mai” and exclaimed “Akkam”.She is probably seeing a very large water fountain.

It’s really feeling good to rest for a while forgetting the daily usual busy life,mainly the lil one is getting  a lot of attention,which really adds to my night mare in future.